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Reduce Stress in Homebuilding with Technology

    Online magazine, Kootenay InfoTech, describes how the prefab and design technology of a Mandala Home can reduce homebuilding stress. Andi Gabb writes, “It is exciting to find a company that has adopted technology in a way that so positively impacts..

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    OPEN HOUSE Missoula, MT. June 26th

      You are invited to an exciting Open House to tour a brand new Mandala Home- hot off the press! Jon and Robbin Rose, of Missoula, MT.,  have reached for the stars and built the home of their dreams and lucky..

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      Natural Swimming Pools, a Natural Choice

        Imagine a swimming pool in your yard that looks and feels like you are swimming in a crystal clear, natural pond. A natural pool, like those from Bio Top (pictured above) is a body of water that uses design , aeration,..

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        Climate Change Ready- By Design

          Mandala Homes designs and prefabricates round performance homes and commercial buildings primarily for the North American market.  In 2016 we have plans to begin shipping homes to our Scandinavian distributor in Norway . One of the benefits of designing and..

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          Out Of The Box Winner.

            Lars Chose and Rachel Ross, owners of Mandala Homes,  are happy to choose the name of a winner out of the draw box from the Nelson Green Home and Energy Show- the winner receives two (2) hours of design, drafting..

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            Mandala Homes Featured in HUFFINGTONPOST

              “Tucked away in the wilderness of Nelson, B.C. lives a couple who, with their design company, aims to change the way we build homes. Lars Chose and Rachel Ross run Mandala Homes, a firm that uses sustainable B.C. wood to build energy..

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              Announcing Indwell Design

                If you are lucky enough to call the Koote­nays home we have con­struc­tion crews avail­able to assist with your project, big or small. We also offer prod­ucts to improve the effi­ciency of your home, includ­ing insu­la­tion, door and win­dow pack­ages...

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                Mandala Homes in Vancouver Sun

                  Energy-efficient homes have become the norm and in the pur­suit of sus­tain­abil­ity home­own­ers and design­ers are return­ing to a more tra­di­tional type, the round home. But what many res­i­dents of cir­cu­lar houses have found is there are also spir­i­tual and emo­tional..

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                  What is it like to live in a round house?

                    I had a conversation recently with a friend. We were talking about what it’s like to live in a round house. “How is it different”, she asked curiously, “than living in a traditionally shaped home?” Well, let me count the..

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