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Monthly Archives: August 2010

EnerGuide Rated Homes

    Man­dala Cus­tom Homes is pleased to announce that all of our homes will be audited by an Ener­Guide Advisor. An Ener­Guide rat­ing shows a stan­dard mea­sure of your home’s energy per­for­mance. It shows you (and future buy­ers) exactly how energy effi­cient your home is. The rat­ing is cal­cu­lated based on stan­dard oper­a­tion assump­tions so that

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    Benefits of Pre-Fab Construction

      Pre-fabricated con­struc­tion is trans­form­ing the face of the home con­struc­tion indus­try: with a full spec­trum of ben­e­fits rang­ing from envi­ron­men­tal, to qual­ity and speed of con­struc­tion, to financial. Qual­ity The con­trolled envi­ron­ment of our pro­duc­tion facil­ity allows for a much higher degree of pre­ci­sion and qual­ity con­trol dur­ing the con­struc­tion phase than is avail­able on

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        Formalde­hyde is a com­mon chem­i­cal used in numer­ous build­ing and home prod­ucts from adhe­sives, paints and seal­ers, par­ti­cle board, insu­la­tion, tex­tiles, deter­gents and many more house­hold prod­ucts. Formalde­hyde has been linked to many health issues, includ­ing throat, eye and nasal irri­ta­tion, res­pi­ra­tory symp­toms and can­cer at high lev­els of expo­sure. One symp­tom of formalde­hyde expo­sure

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        Mandala Homes Uses Green Renewable Energy

          Man­dala Homes is proud to use green renew­able energy pro­vided by Bull­frog Power. Visit www.bullfrogpower.com for more infor­ma­tion about this com­pany and find out how you can cre­ate a cleaner world for today and tomorrow. Bull­frog cur­rently pro­vides a 100% green elec­tric­ity choice to every­one in British Colum­bia, Alberta, Ontario,Nova Sco­tia, New Brunswick and Prince

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