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Monthly Archives: December 2011


    Our first “official” party in the new Mandala!  Our Mandala Staff Christmas party It was a bit dusty…. with a ”bring your own furniture” theme…Nonetheless, it was a wonderful success with music , good food, great conversation, camaraderie and sense of accomplishment and connection with the project. A home beginning to emerge Each person in Mandala has played

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    Why Build a Custom Home?

      Here at Man­dala Homes, we enjoy spend­ing time talk­ing with; Eco Wood and Stone Home 1) peo­ple who are dream­ing about design­ing and build­ing their own unique home. 2) peo­ple who are in the midst of design­ing and build­ing their own unique home. 3) peo­ple who have..

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      The Language of Colour

        We’re preparing to paint the interior walls and I’m researching colour and colour theory. Here are notes ‘from the field’. Colour in a home is fundamental. It sets the tone and the feel of each room. Colour provides the undertone and ties all the elements of the space together. Getting Started create a list of

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