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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Outdoor Rooms

    Some home­own­ers want to stop design­ing their new home at the edge of the front door. We like to encour­age the under­stand­ing and use of out­door rooms in the design of a home,  because we know that  the feel­ing of “home” is encom­passed in the land around the house as well as in the house itself.

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    The day that History showed up.

      This whole hillside was once a family farm and  the road sign still bears the family name, Heddle. Pearl Buck once wrote “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. “ In this particular circumstance, “yesterday” found us. His name is Fred Heddle. He is a  sweetly stooped, blue eyed, and wrinkled old man

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      Paint. Colour. Air. Leaf.

        When you build a Mandala, the shell-to-lock-up part of the process happens rapidly because those parts of the house come in a kit. However, the finishing part of the building process takes the same amount of time as any other construction. At times, for the home-builder, it can seem endless! At this point, we have

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