After 20 years in business, Mandala Custom Homes has worked hard to stand head and shoulders above the rest, providing beautiful and cozy dwellings that are truly unique. 

Meaningful, healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient – these are the words most often used to describe the Mandala Custom Homes round home experience. 

If you’re curious about what exactly makes our homes so distinctive and in-demand, read on for 20 – one reason for each year Mandala Homes has been providing exceptional living and working experiences – great reasons to build a Mandala Homes round home:

  1. Mandala Custom Homes brings proven knowledge, experience, and expertise in the art and science of building round homes. Mandala Custom Homes’ full design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise. 
  2. Our faceted round homes are naturally safer than a conventional home, engineered and fortified for the most extreme conditions. 
  3. Wind resistant. The wind wraps around a faceted round home making it safer in high winds. The aerodynamic properties also make round houses more resistant to hurricane-level winds (and tsunamis, for that matter). These same winds, though, beat strongly against the face of traditional homes, eventually destroying these residences if the winds are strong enough. Round houses are a good alternative in areas prone to gale-force winds and hurricanes. A rounded roof is less affected by wind planing which is when a strong wind lifts the roof structure up – and sometimes off the house.
  4. Earthquake resistant. In a round house, there are dozens of interconnected points which give the building a unique combination of flexibility and strength – qualities which make them significantly safer in earthquakes. 
  5. Pre-building your home components in our production facility results in less waste, more precision and faster onsite assembly.
  6. After creating a fully customized design, your expertly crafted home package is shipped directly to your site where it is assembled and finished to rest in place for many generations to come.
  7. You can enjoy the ease of house building and contributing to a better world while your home is quickly constructed to weather-tight.
  8. We know innovative energy efficiency. Since round houses have less surface area, relative to floor space, there is less surface coming into contact with the weather outside. Therefore, it takes less energy to maintain their interiors to comfortable temperatures. 
  9. Round homes are aerodynamic and therefore, admit fewer draughts which also makes them more energy efficient.
  10. A Mandala Custom Homes round home is designed and built to be ENERGY STAR® certified ready to ensure that you live comfortably in all seasons. In fact, we built the first such certified home in British Columbia.
  11. Our homes require smaller heating and cooling systems, which means lower costs.
  12. Your yearly energy cost is less and so is the effect on the environment.
  13. We offer fire-resistant cladding and insulation to ensure a safer home for you, your family and your investment. 
  14. Less embodied energy.  When it comes to house design, the fundamental rule is that a simple shape is much more sustainable than a complex shape. Of any shape, the circle has the shortest boundary relative to its area. This means that for any given floor area a circular house has less wall length and therefore fewer materials. The next most efficient space is a square followed by a rectangle. 
  15. Better acoustics. Sounds are softer inside the house mak­ing it ideal for rest and reflec­tion, but also for socializing and playing music. The shape also resists noise pen­e­trat­ing from the out­side. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, shield­ing the interior from loud noise out­side.
  16. Intangible qualities. The circular nature of a Mandala Custom Home holds a special kind of energy. Circular living provides a balance of looking inward and outward, looking out at the natural environment and surroundings but then coming in again to the self and the hearth. 
  17. Dwelling in a faceted round home, surrounded by the warmth of wood, you are embraced with a sense of well-being that contributes to a healthy and harmonious life. 
  18. Less expensive. Round homes can cost significantly less to construct. Traditional houses, with their multiple surfaces, are complicated structures. 
  19. Round houses are relatively simple, they use fewer materials and take less time to build. They use 15 to 20% fewer mate­r­ials per square metre (or square foot) than a rec­tan­gu­lar design! Less surface area means they are also less costly to maintain over time. 
  20. MCH was founded on the aspiration to integrate sacred spaces into everyday living. This vision is inspired by the harmony existing within round spaces found in nature and throughout human evolution.

Mandala Custom Homes has simply mastered quality, durable, long-lasting homebuilding. We know how to make your dream home a reality.

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