20 Important Steps in the Mandala Custom Homes Home Owner Roadmap

With our Home Owner Roadmap, Mandala Custom Homes helps prepare you for the home building process, from start to finish – minimize surprises, maximize satisfaction!

As exciting as building a new home can be, it can also be incredibly stressful. After 20 years in the home building business, we are well aware of how much is involved – so many decisions, the time and energy, and more than a few sleepless nights. But, again, after two decades, we also know it doesn’t have to be that way and we do all we can to streamline and de-stress the entire custom home building process.

Which brings us to our Mandala Custom Homes Home Owner Roadmap – all the essentials of our system to help you navigate and prepare for exactly what is in store as you launch your home building journey.

To summarize what you can expect from the Mandala Custom Homes experience, here is 20 fundamentals to the process:

Research Phase

Kick-off construction of your dream home by collecting all the information you need to make a commitment to build – reserve your spot in our construction calendar and launch the design process.

  • Discovery – You’ve discovered Mandala Custom Homes and want to take the next step to explore what’s involved in building a faceted round home. Fill out our online request form, email, call, or drop in – we’re here for you!
  • Q & A – Ask all your questions about a timeframe, the process, our availability and, of course, the cost.
  • Choose Floor Plan – Choose your favourite Mandala Custom Homes floor plan from our plan book and layout your design ideas.
  • Choose Eco Package – We offer several options to choose from in our Eco Packages. Peruse the features and decide on what will be best for you.
  • Research Options – Armed with an initial cost estimate, you can begin having informed conversations about your building site, financing, and contractor options.
  • Interview contractors – Present your intentions, plans, and budget to select contractors. Once chosen, introduce your contractor to our Mandala Custom Homes team.

Mandala Custom Homes Design Phase

You have decided to move forward with the design of your dream home. At the end of this phase, you will have a finished floorplan and a detailed quote to facilitate moving into the production phase.

  • Production Reservation and Fee, Design Services Agreement and Fee – You want to ensure that your home will be ready to move into when you need it and you reserve a time in our production schedule.
  • Decide when you would like your home to be delivered – based on your timeline, you decide when you want the completed home package delivered to your home site.
  • Design – Upon review and signing of the Design Contract, you and your dedicated Mandala Custom Homes designer will begin to detail all of your desired features in your home.
  • Work closely with your designer –  It’s time to develop a visual rendering of your home with all of your desired features. You will receive drawings to review and discuss. You’ll also discuss the Energy Efficiency Report. Plans will be created and you’ll be presented with a Final Cost Proposal based on your design.
  • Accept Design and Final Cost Proposal – You receive the formal designs of your dream home and know the cost. You’ll sign off on the Design and Final Cost Proposal.

Production Phase

The team at Mandala Custom Homes has begun the construction documents and is building your home package, soon to be shipped to your building site. At the same time, the contractor you’ve hired is preparing the homesite as you decide on your material choices.

  • Review and Sign Production Contract – Your designer prepares the plans required for permits and the construction documents.
  • Explain the fee breakdown for the next phase – 10 % materials deposit; 40% Production Deposit;

    Coordinate engineering activities – Pay a structural engineer and, with your contractor, handle permits and site preparation
    Choose exterior finishes, update and refine the production and shipping timeline.

  • Pay the Production Start Deposit – Your final payment is put in escrow.
  • Produce Home Package – Now your home is being built in our state-of-the-art production facility, piece by piece. It is organized into packages, marked and labelled for transport. Your designer prepares the Assembly Manual.
  • Final Payment Released – Sign and return the Escrow Release – Direction to Pay when production complete and your home is ready to ship.
  • Ship – All of the components of your home are prepared in packages with a detailed Packing List to be loaded on to trucks or into a shipping container, depending on the location of the building site.

Finishing Phase

Everything is now onsite and your dream home is fast becoming a reality. You are working closely with your contractor and making decisions regarding the completion of your home. The light at the end of the tunnel is clearly in sight and the reality of moving into your dream home is quickly approaching. Congratulations!

  • Assemble and Finish – With all of the Mandala Custom Homes components now on your site, you and your contractor assemble the home with the handy assistance of your customized Assembly Manual.
  • Move in – Move into your wonderful new Mandala Custom Home and enjoy the many advantages of an extraordinarily beautiful and well designed round home.

We’re always ready to answer any and all of your questions and can’t wait to work with you to create the Mandala home of your dreams. Contact us to find out more about Mandala Custom Homes.