What's Not Included

In A Mandala Homes Package

General Contracting
Assembly by a licensed General Contractor is HIGHLY recommended. The General Contractor is supported by the detailed Assembly Manual and the technical support of Mandala Custom Homes Inc. The General Contractor should contact Mandala Homes for an estimate of the assembly time and any technical questions.

This proposal does not include any foundation construction materials or costs. A foundation plan will be provided for estimating purposes, and will be a part of the Construction Documents provided.

Professional engineering review will be coordinated by MCH. Engineering fees are the responsibility of the Home Owner.

The home package will arrive on one or more 53 ft. flat deck tractor trailers or in shipping containers. The Client, or General Contractor, is responsible for the unloading and storage of materials until assembly. Unloading will require the use of a forklift or boom, and the help of 4-6 strong laborers. Ample tarping and dunnage is required for storage.

Assembly costs are the responsibility of the Client, or General Contractor. MCH provides a detailed Assembly Manual and phone support.

Design, specifications and schematics for: electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are not a part of the drawing package and fall outside the scope of this estimate.  The Client, or General Contractor, is responsible for these aspects of the home. Once final construction drawings are complete the Client will need to provide sets to the appropriate contractors for design and cost estimates for these systems.

Interior walls and finishing are the responsibility of the Client, or General Contractor. Unless specified, interior wall materials are not included in this estimate (except structural load bearing walls which are shown in green on our plans). Interior and exterior staircases, railings, finish exterior decking, insulation, drywall, finish flooring, cabinets, exterior and interior doors, trim, etc., are not included.


Once assembly is complete the home package will basically be at the weather tight lockup stage of construction. Exterior finishing will be complete (depending on packages chosen), the roof will be sheathed (ready for your roofer – roofing materials are not included), and windows installed. Install your exterior doors to complete lockup. The level of completeness depends on the packages and options chosen.

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