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OPEN HOUSE Oct 1 ’17 Nelson, B.C.

    You are invited to a Mandala Custom Homes Open House at: 3234 Heddle Road, Nelson BC CANADA, on Sunday, Oct 1 2017, from 10am to 4pm Visit and tour B.C.’s first ENERGY STAR HOME Learn how this round Mandala Custom Home with..

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    OPEN HOUSE Nelson, B.C. Sept. 25th

      You are personally invited to visit a Mandala Custom Homes Open House at: 3234 Heddle Road, near Nelson BC CANADA, on Sunday, September 25, from 10am to 4pm! Please drive 30k (or under) along this road-which is a friendly and safe..

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      OPEN HOUSE Missoula, MT. June 26th

        You are invited to an exciting Open House to tour a brand new Mandala Home- hot off the press! Jon and Robbin Rose, of Missoula, MT.,  have reached for the stars and built the home of their dreams and lucky..

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