Mandala prefab custom homes - magnolia series

Round on round! MCH prefab custom homes Magnolia Series maximizes all the benefits of round living in EVERY room!

Whether sleeping, eating, relaxing, or enjoying a soak in the tub, the Magnolia Series one of our most popular Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) prefab custom homes ensures you’re surrounded by the holistic benefits of our unique faceted round living.

The foundation of the MCH round building mission and business is our triple bottom line: the health of the planet, the people, and sustainability. We exercise this philosophy in each and every MCH home through the use of the circle and the interconnection between all living things.

Round… Squared!

The concept of interconnection couldn’t be more evident than in the MCH Magnolia Series – elegant prefab custom homes that create the perfect sanctuary whether you’re in need of peace and tranquillity, enjoying quality family time, or want to entertain.  This home design offers peaceful, private spaces along with bright, open areas in which to gather all in our unique prefab faceted round building.

Beautifully designed inside and out,  this home design is an extraordinary combination of the classic Mandala circle encircled with radiating wings.

Round living — a long and proven history

When your home is gracefully integrated into the landscape as the Magnolia so often is, you enjoy a dwelling that harkens to the long history of efficient and sustainable living humans have created for millennia.

We can look to many indigenous cultures to our long and established background of round home building. Throughout the world, and here in British Columbia, indigenous peoples looked to round architecture as the best and most efficient use of materials and superior structural strength.

The Magnolia, with no square exterior corners, leverages all the knowledge and experience of human history and provides a home that promotes all the health and wellness benefits known to be associated with round living.

Making the very most of space and light

So comfortable and spacious, our Magnolia homes are beautifully designed with careful consideration to create spaces that are at once practical and inspired by nature. They have been specifically planned to take advantage of light to create a spacious, healthy, and harmonious feeling home.

Your home is, after all, where you retreat to feel rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated — where you fill your emotional and spiritual cup. It’s where you foster connections with family and friends. The Magnolia custom prefab homes maximize space and light to create a holistic and healthy dwelling that supports your renewal and wellness, providing a refuge that nurtures and heals.

Ranging in size from 1100 square feet to almost 2200, the Magnolia Series maximizes the depth and breadth of circular living and all the benefits evident therein. And it can be customized to meet the unique needs of your lifestyle, family, and surrounding landscape.

Not just a home… an experience

In the words of Mandala Custom Homes founder, Lars Close, “We want to feel safe and nurtured by a healthy home — a protected environment.”

Your home should be an experience. It’s not just where you lay your head at night. The time we spend at home should be an experience of nourishment – from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bedroom and every room we inhabit.


To achieve our outstanding sustainability, we are partnered with Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification, that promotes a holistic approach in which we leverage advanced building technologies to promote responsible sustainability practices. Every MCH home is a sum of its parts – building materials, HVAC equipment, windows, water and electrical needs, and building site orientation, to individual builder practices – in order to innovate sustainable home construction.

Each model in the Magnolia Series represents our MCH model of home construction, employing the best and most current building technologies to help you create an experience in your home that incurs significantly less environmental impact for a much healthier home that offers better cost savings each year you live in the house.

As with all MCH home designs, the Magnolia Series is built with our innovative system of environmentally sensitive Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) round custom prefab home construction.

To support sustainability, MCH relies on programs such as ENERGY STAR. It saves MCH homeowners thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity along while supporting considerable reductions in harmful emissions.

MCH brings over 70 years of home building expertise to our design and planning services. When you purchase an MCH home, you can anticipate a more comfortable and relaxing living along with energy savings and sustainability in a house that is thoughtfully designed and built to nourish the soul.

MCH prefab custom homes — a home to last generations

No matter the MCH home design you choose, enjoy peace of mind knowing you get the benefit of over 70 years of home building expertise and experience. You will have a home that combines both traditional and cutting edge, performance-based technologies to create a home that inspires, nurtures, and heals.

We ensure quality and energy efficiency in every home we build, year-round, and no matter where you live. We want to work WITH you to create the home of your dreams that will benefit your family for generations.

Are you interested in exploring high performance, sustainable prefab custom homes? Consider a Mandala Custom Homes round home. Speak with an MCH expert to learn more!