Engineered prefab round Mandala Home

Mandala Homes is creating uniquely beautiful and sustainable prefab round homes for pioneering homeowners throughout Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

It’s often a combination of homeowner and homesite vision when it comes to choosing a Mandala Homes energy efficient prefab round home, taking full advantage of Mandala Homes’ unique approach to round home building. 

A Mandala prefab home not only supports sustainability and green living but health and wellness – physical, mental, and spiritual – which is so fundamental to the Mandala Homes mission. It’s also uniquely suited to particular geographies – leveraging light and the sun’s energy for heat, and of course, fully maximizing the views and experience of nature your building site provides. 

For North American homeowners looking to build a new home, Mandala Homes provides unique dwellings that are meaningful, healthy and energy efficient. 

After creating a fully customized design, your expertly crafted home package is shipped directly to your site where it is assembled and finished to rest in place for many generations to come.

Mandala Homes well suited to climates throughout North America

We ship our home packages all over Canada and the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. The components of which are meticulously prepared in packages with a detailed packing list, and loaded on to truck(s), or into a shipping container.  

Given that temperature, climate, and other weather conditions can vary widely geographically throughout North America, our packages are not merely a one-size-fits-all. We understand climatic zones and their effects on building envelopes. 

Round houses have less surface area to come in con­tact with adverse weather con­di­tions, which improves the over­all dura­bil­ity and energy effi­ciency of the home.

Desert, coastal, plains, far north – Mandala Homes provides a safe, economical, and durable home to last for generations

No matter the outside temperature or conditions, round homes are simply more aerodynamic, admitting fewer drafts, preventing the fluctuations in temperature that are influenced by the weather outdoors. 

In fact, with 20% less exterior wall space, heating and cooling bills are reduced and good natural airflow means comfort, even in desert climates. 

Our faceted round homes, with dozens of interconnected points, provide the building with a unique combination of strength and flexibility. Fortified by our engineers, a Mandala Homes round home is significantly safer and more stable during heavy snow loads and natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricane-force winds, and high water, including tsunamis.

Winds that batter and potentially destroy traditional homes can’t have the same impact on a round structure. 

A rounded roof is less affected by wind planing, a wind strong enough to lift the roof structure up, sometimes off the house! Rather, wind can flow around the curved structure instead of getting caught on the angles of a conventional build making them particularly resistant to hurricanes and tornadoes.

No matter where you plan to build, purchasing a Mandala Custom Home can support your change to a more comfortable and relaxing lifestyle along with low monthly energy costs and architecture that nourishes the soul. 

Our work is rooted in traditional design principles combined with performance-based building technology. We have a clear dedication to listen carefully to you so we can design and build the custom home of your dreams.

Listen to the experience of a new Mandala Homes homeowner and see their beautiful custom home, the Elmwood 3700, located in Missoula, Montana. Feel the inspiration to begin your own journey to your round, prefab, energy efficient custom home!