6 reasons to build a round custom prefab home

If you’re looking for the ultimate design for your next new home, a round custom prefab from MCH ticks all the boxes!

If the wheels are beginning to turn, considering the options for your next new home, we know that a round custom prefab may not be a first consideration. Traditional, stick-built, rectangular construction is still everywhere and will come up most in internet and contractor searches. We get it!

But, we are here to disabuse you of any misconceptions you may have about traditional construction. Because, if you are looking for the ultimate in design, comfort, sustainability and quality – for life! – a Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) round home offers so many benefits that they should be a first consideration for anyone looking to build a new home. Additionally, when you choose to work with MCH, you can trust that you get THE BEST possible result for your investment. For years to come!

Why build an MCH round home?

  1. Energy Efficiency

    One of the main advantages of an MCH round custom prefab is its energy efficiency. Round homes are designed to be more thermally efficient than traditional rectangular homes. This is because the round shape allows for better circulation of air, which helps to keep the home at a more consistent temperature. Consequently, you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling costs, and enjoy a home that is more comfortable year-round.

    We design our round homes using an air-tight wall system providing an air-tight building envelope that offers far greater energy efficiency. This unique building envelope includes a ventilation system that provides adequate fresh air indoors along with high-efficiency comfort. The warm air that leaves the home helps heat the air coming in. Our prefab panelized wall prevents air from penetrating the floors, walls, and roof. In addition to efficiency, it also reduces the likelihood of moisture collecting or migrating into those spaces. This ensures that no moulds or bacteria can grow. An MCH round custom prefab home package system minimizes heat, air, and moisture transfer, providing for a more comfortable indoor environment year after year.

  2. Sustainability

    Another benefit of MCH round custom prefab homes is that we build using cutting-edge, sustainable construction methods and materials. As mentioned, there’s the inherent sustainability of an air-tight MCH building envelope. Additionally, our innovative Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) system promotes sustainability by pre-building all of the components – wall panels, floor and roof – indoors, in our factory. After pre-assembly, we ship the home package to the building site for construction.

    Environmentally, our process ensures far greater quality control during production. With increased precision in the factory, we use fewer materials and resources, minimizing waste. With indoor fabrication, the building materials are protected from the weather, stay dry and are delivered and constructed with their integrity intact. Additionally, OSM results in significantly reduced building time on-site, only days compared to weeks or months with stick-built construction.

    We incorporate programs like ENERGY STAR to help save our homeowners thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity while they achieve significant emissions reductions. Conforming to the values and mission of MCH, every product that has earned the ENERGY STAR label is sure to deliver reliable quality, performance, and savings.

  3. Distinctive design

    Round homes also offer a unique and distinctive design that can set your home apart from the rest of the neighbourhood. Beautifully integrated into their surroundings, round homes offer a more natural and organic look and feel, and their circular shape is often associated with holistic harmony and balance. This can make your home feel like a sanctuary and a place of peace, away from the stresses and distractions of the outside world.

  4. Strength and durability

    When you choose a round home, you get the added benefit of superior strength capable of standing up to extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and snowfall, hurricanes, and even seismic events.

    To minimize the impact of heavy rainfall, MCH provides three levels of moisture protection. For snowfall, it comes down to roof system engineering. We provide a lifetime engineer’s warranty – the roof will hold the potential volume of snow typical to the region. Our low-pitched roof captures accumulating snow, which becomes part of the home’s thermal barrier. The 30” roof overhang prevents snow from gathering against the foundation, maintaining a dry wall and foundation.

    Round homes are among the safest buildings in extreme winds. The wind simply wraps around the exterior of the home. A round home has a conical roof system. This prevents the creation of negative pressure that is often responsible for lifting off gable-styled roofs and flattening the structure. Thanks to the interconnected components of an MCH round home, it’s inherently more earthquake resistant.

  5. Space and natural light

    MCH round custom prefab homes offer a more expansive sense of interior space than traditional rectangular homes of the same size. This is because there are no corners in a round home – the space is more open and feels less restricted. This can give you more flexibility in terms of how you use the space in your home. It also allows for a lot more natural light and better views.

  6. Cost-effective

    In the long run, a round custom prefab home becomes more affordable than a traditional home. Because they are prefabricated, the cost of materials and labour is often lower than in a conventional stick-built dwelling. Additionally, with an airtight, well-insulated building envelope, an MCH home is a high-performance home. It offers superior savings in energy consumption without compromising comfort. Our thoughtful design and construction methodologies enable MCH homeowners to save a whopping 25% on energy costs.

MCH offers a variety of customizable options for their round homes. From floor plans to finishes and materials, including eco-friendly options. Our homes make the very most of panoramic views and offer incredible interior acoustics – terrific for music lovers! Given the many benefits, an MCH round custom prefab home maintains a high market value.

Round homes are a great option for anyone looking to build a new home. We can help you create spaces that are beautiful, supremely functional, and incredibly comfortable. Whether you are looking for your forever home or a vacation getaway, a round custom prefab home is a great choice. And our team of experts will work with you to create a home that is perfect for your lifestyle.