Exciting and Fresh Home Design Trends in 2022

The ongoing global pandemic, with our homes as the centre of our lives, is influencing home design trends in 2022.

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and so many of us bringing all aspects of our lives home, it should come as no surprise that it’s influencing home design trends in 2022. So much time in our homes has inspired serious reflection into how our dwellings serve us, well beyond just eating, sleeping and relaxing on weekends.

As new variants such as Omicron bring everyone back home for work and school, there is a reassessment of life and home that is impacting home design trends in ways big and small. Many homeowners are both ready to break from the past while embracing a future they might have previously been content to put off. There’s an urgency – a need to bring dreams to life now as opposed to an arbitrary time at some point in the years to come. The pandemic has provided so many of us a renewed appreciation for where we are now, the future strangely, surreally, uncertain.

With a new year upon us, and with data gathered from other builders, architects, realtors, and contractors, let’s take a look at some highlights in home design trends for 2022. Some can be renovations; others require a new build, but each offers ideas you can bring into your existing space to make your home just that much more liveable right now.

1. Home design trends in 2022 – curves!

round - home design trends 2022A primary theme in home design trends in 2022 is one of individuality and creative expression – freedom. Principles of living that are very much aligned and supported by any Mandala Custom Home!

Round is a natural complement to creativity. Circles allude to imagination, magic, and cosmic mystery – the great round Aztec Sun Stone, for example. A circle has no beginning and no end. There are no angles. The circle is powerful, yet safe and gentle. It is a graceful and beautiful shape that fosters much-needed peace, calm, and relaxation.

The circle represents unity and wholeness. Living amidst round elements provides us with a sense of being complete – harmony and confidence.

Home design trends in 2022 include curves. Look for arched doorways and windows, barrel-vault ceilings, and walls that are curved. When done well, curves add character and a sense of mental repose. Inspired by so many shapes in nature, that is innately appealing to us, a round home, including the MCH faceted round design, offers a peaceful and harmonious environment, designed thoughtfully to incorporate cutting edge, energy-efficient materials and construction.

The demands and stresses are significant in 21st-century, pandemic life. It’s no surprise that we want to incorporate the circle, curves, and round living and their many benefits into our daily life.

2. Biophilic design – nature indoors

Between our time at home and how much more we’ve all relied on time outdoors to maintain our mental and physical health, the need to bring natural elements indoors is greater than ever. We have an innate need for the outdoors, and incorporating biophilic design (bringing nature and organic materials indoors) helps foster a connection to the natural world.

Biophilic design maximizes all facets of nature – sunlight, plants, wood, fresh air and other elements – inside our homes. Biophilia includes natural forms and shapes – circular and round, for instance – into the architecture itself.

For we homeowners, this nature-inspired design promotes the sense of peace and freedom of being outdoors while being inside our homes (or offices).

3. Spaces that are flexible

There’s nothing like doing everything at home to show you how ill-equipped your house is to accommodate the demands of 24-hour, 7-day-a-week living. The layout of your home becomes vitally important to your productivity, your family time, and your relaxation. Not to mention your state of mind.

Who converted their dining room to a home office AND kids’ classroom at home? Flex spaces or flex rooms have very much become a home design trend for 2022 and one that is sure to pick up steam. When you don’t have the budget for a dedicated room for each of your activities, spaces that can do double- or triple-duty are essential. Guest room by night, kids rec room by day, or even just an escape to relax and quietly read or binge Netflix!

4. Outdoor living spaces

Over the past couple of years, as the walls of our homes seemed stretched at the seams, we looked outdoors for reprieve. All of a sudden we saw the potential, appreciated our backyards, decks, and porches – spaces to help take off the pressure of our indoors.

Larger, and often more luxurious living spaces outdoors are all the rage for 2022. No more tiny patio or deck with only a BBQ and a couple of chairs. Rather, homeowners are investing in covered or screened porches, outdoor kitchens, and beautifully expanded, comfortably furnished decks. And don’t forget the hot tub – in HUGE demand throughout the pandemic!

Outdoor living spaces are so transformed as to make it difficult to decide, indoors or out?!

5. Eco-friendly building

As with the building trends for 2021, environmentally conscious or eco-friendly is big in the home design trends for 2022. To MCH, sustainable and environmentally friendly home building is much more than a trend.

Since our inception, we have not only understood the impact of home-building on the environment. We founded our business on creating dwellings that minimize it. Over these 21 years, MCH has grown significant experience designing and building homes to integrate with its surroundings. Every MCH round home maximizes energy sustainably resulting in overall energy cost savings.

MCH round homes are designed and built to be ENERGY STAR certified. This ensures that our homeowners live comfortably year-round and reduce emissions as you save thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Interested in exploring a sustainable, prefab MCH custom round home? Speak with an MCH expert to learn more!