custom home in BC prefab round

Want to build a custom home in BC? Let’s look at why the home of your dreams might not be as out of reach as you may think.

To many people, the idea of building a custom home in BC – the perfect home for you with all of those ideal finishes and fine details you’ve dreamt about – can seem quite out of reach. Particularly now.

There’s a lot of information out there. Some of it is true, but much of it is hyped about providing clickbait and instilling apprehension. Yes, builders are in short supply and materials are more expensive than ever. But, the alternatives to stick built homes, such as prefab building packages, simply don’t get the attention they deserve in this era of supply chain issues and rising inflation.

It doesn’t have to be only the select few who enjoy the excitement of planning and building the homes of their dreams. If you are open to the custom home options out there, your forever home is there for the building – in an innovative, temperature-controlled building facility, delivered and ready to construct in weeks, not months.

Let’s take a look at a few myths about building a custom home in BC in this climate – dispelling some of the popular narratives around post-pandemic homebuilding. And help you see why your next home, perhaps even an MCH custom prefab round home, may not be as out of reach as you might think.

1. You have to be wealthy to afford a custom home in BC

Certainly, we’re not going to deny the challenges a time such as these past couple of surreal years presents and will continue to present for the foreseeable future.

But, that said, many believe that building a custom home in BC right now is only for the supremely well off. We beg to differ. There are still a variety of properties in incredible regions of the province that are not only affordable, but offer access to the best in outdoor recreation, services, and amenities that are truly enviable.

Building a custom home can be an expensive prospect, for sure. But, more and more there are creative and innovative alternatives to conventional stick-built construction. Even if you might pay more in the short-term to construct your home, the modern, sustainable and energy-efficient features make short work of your bills for the life of that home.

For example, when you choose a Mandala Custom Homes prefab round home, you can take advantage of the most modern technologies to ensure a healthier, more durable dwelling with a lower environmental impact, and, ultimately, cost savings long-term.

Consider, too, that a custom home is only as expensive as you make it. Building costs will vary significantly depending on a range of factors that include the size of your home and the finishes and details you choose.

Whether you are limited to a modest budget or can enjoy being freer with your spending, you can find the home that’s just right for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

2. We’ll have to wait forever to complete a custom home

Yes, admittedly, if you’re looking for a custom home that is move-in ready in mere months, you might have to rethink your expectations.

But, again, when you consider alternatives to conventional construction – a custom prefab home, for instance – you open up the options. Options to find an expert builder that can get your project started sooner than the conventional builders in your market and alternative, innovative, and sustainable building materials that might have better availability.

For example, when you work with MCH, our innovative Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) round home construction simplifies and accelerates the building process.

3. I don’t know the custom features available – maybe it’s not for me?!

We know, you might not know the custom features you’d like in your home, let alone the range of options available to you. But, that shouldn’t get in the way of choosing a custom home.

Supporting our MCH clients, with the help of our talented, expert team (including an architect and designer), is how we create custom dwellings to suit. We work closely with our homeowners to create a home that offers the utmost in comfort and harmony, with features that provide for a lifetime, even generations, of enjoyment in the home.

Despite the challenges of homebuilding in today’s home market, there are still options to be had! You don’t necessarily have to put off building the house of your dreams. With some good planning and working with a great team, the custom home you’ve been thinking about can become a reality sooner than you think.

If you’ve been dreaming about your next house, MCH wants to help you make it come true! Speak with an expert at Mandala Homes and find out how easy and fun creating your own custom prefab round home can be!