Inside an MCH Prefab Round Home

Every Mandala Custom Homes prefab round home provides a holistic, inspired space to support and nurture all aspects of your life.

When you work with Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) to create the home of your dreams, you get to look forward to all the benefits of living in a sustainable, performance dwelling. You also get to enjoy the additional unique advantages of prefab round home living.

There’s really nothing that compares to the feeling of living in a round space. From the igloos of the Inuit to the pit houses of North American First Nations to the yurts, or gers, of the nomads of Mongolia, circular living has been the dwelling shape of choice for human beings for centuries.

A prefab round home is designed for healthy, inspired living

The 21st cen­tury round home utilizes the very best in modern, innovative materials to evolve the timeless design. Pioneered by our ancestors, today’s round home is sustainable, energy-efficient, durable, practical and uniquely beautiful.

An MCH round prefab home supports health and wellness in ways a conventional rectangular home simply cannot. Inspired by nature, a faceted round home offers a harmonious and peaceful environment supported by thoughtful design and cutting edge, energy-efficient construction and materials.

An abundance of light, panoramic views, and a unique connection to the natural world help create a space to help you feel safe, rested, and nurtured. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, protecting the inside from any loud noises outdoors – peace and quiet like never before. Add superior indoor acoustics – sublime sound quality, perfect for music lovers! – and sounds softened by the curve of the walls, the indoor environment fosters relaxation, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

A prefab round home provides superior energy efficiency and comfort 

With less surface area exposed to adverse weather conditions outdoors, a prefab round home offers superior dura­bil­ity and energy effi­ciency. Its shape is inherently aerodynamic. Faceted, round construction saves as much as 20% in the exterior wall perimeter, which admits far fewer drafts and prevents the temperature fluctuations often associated with the weather outside. As a result, MCH homeowners enjoy savings on their energy bills as the natural airflow characteristic of round living means enhanced comfort, even in regions that experience severe weather.

How does it work? The nat­ural ther­mal dynam­ics of open-at-the-top archi­tec­ture round space requires no exter­nal energy to cir­cu­late air and moderate the temperature. The warm air naturally rises towards the insu­lated ceil­ing. As it travels up to the domed ceil­ing and reaches the cen­tre sky­light, it cools. The cooler air then drops back towards the floor where it rises once again to repeat the cycle.

The circulation of air in a faceted round prefab home is a natural one. Constant and consistent, the process makes it more energy-efficient and cost-effective to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Unique interior details of an MCH round home

The unique faceted design of a Mandala Custom Home offers a warm and healing environment. And have no concerns about designing your kitchen or arranging furniture. A round home will easily allow for any arrangement of standard size furniture, cabinets, counters, etc. Other indoor features of a round home:

  • Free spanning cathedral cedar ceilings
  • MCH signature 5’ round centre skylight
  • Panoramic views
  • B.C. speciality wood interior trim
  • Timber frame details
  • Luxury round home designs

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