Round Prefab Custom Homes - Tamarack Series

Maximum round, maximum luxury. For MCH round prefab custom homes, it doesn’t come any more holistically grand than our Tamarack Series.

As unique as the tree for which it is named, the Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) Tamarack Series makes the absolute most of the transcendent power of round – in EVERY room!

For homeowners who would like to maximize circular living, you can pick any plan from our round prefab custom homes lineup and know that you’re getting the utmost in clean, sustainable, and healthy living. But, for those with a larger budget, committed to exploring the power of round throughout their lives, in every aspect of their home, this series is the answer.

Interconnected wholeness – amplified

We can look back over centuries of human existence and see evidence of round living. Throughout the generations, the inherently gentle and holistic benefits of round homes attracted our ancestors. Surrounding oneself and one’s family with the comfort of curved walls. They also understood that round just made sense from the perspective of structural integrity and better resistance to natural disasters. Not to mention that a round home requires fewer resources to construct than conventional building.

The Tamarack Series offers four Mandala circles designed in a unique pattern well-suited to the discriminating new homeowner. At once luxurious and practical, this home features spacious flow throughout the home. Amplifying the sense of natural light and openness are multiple cathedral ceilings and generous spaces, both private and gathering. In addition to homeowners with larger budgets, this series is perfect for multigenerational living. But, with so much space, is also a wonderful and creative alternative for co-housing.

No matter the lifestyle, MCH circular living in the Tamarack Series provides a unique integration of the natural surroundings with healthy and holistic indoor life, unparalleled. It’s a beautiful balance of looking both inward and outward.

The ultimate in round prefab custom homes

What was good enough for them is equally as beneficial for us today. For over two decades, MCH has aspired to integrate the demands of modern everyday living with sacred spaces. This founding vision is inspired by nature, a precious harmony that’s attracted us throughout human evolution.

But, of course, MCH has the advantage of modern building technologies to take round living just that much further. Our homes are comfortable and promote wellness. Through the curving beauty of round and the sustainability of prefab construction, we create homes that are durable and energy-efficient. An MCH home is emblematic as the home of the future as well as the past.

Constantly guided by our triple bottom line, the Health of the Planet, the People, and Sustainability, every decision we make holds to each of these tenets equally. And while the Tamarch Series is a uniquely 21st-century home, incorporating the most modern building materials and technologies, it is a luxurious and infinitely alluring iteration of the homes pioneered by our ancestors.

The epitome of comfort, sustainability, and energy efficiency, the Tamarack is a gentle and inspiring flow of round structures to create a distinctively healthy, holistic and attractive home. Staying true to the past while revolutionizing the future.

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