The Mandala Effect Why Custom Prefab Homes

Revolutionizing custom prefab homes: Mandala Custom Homes’ commitment to customization, sustainability, and innovation.

Are you weary of living in a square world? Have you ever dreamed of living in a unique, one-of-a-kind home? A home that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle? Are you looking for a home that is eco-friendly? Do you have concerns about how long your home construction will take? Well, we encourage you to consider an alternative to conventional homebuilders – build an innovative, holistic, and sustainable home.  As a leading builder of custom round prefab homes, Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) is revolutionizing the housing industry.

At Mandala Custom Homes, we specialize in building round homes. Homes tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our expert team works with you every step of the way to ensure that your home reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. And the best part? Our prefab construction makes the process faster, more efficient, and more sustainable than traditional stick-built construction methods.

Why custom prefab homes are the future of sustainable living

At Mandala Custom Homes, we use innovative prefab construction techniques to build all of our homes. And we do it in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional construction methods. Prefab construction, sometimes known as modular construction, means building a home in sections or panels off-site in a factory. After production, the home gets delivered and assembled on the building site. This process allows for greater precision, consistency, and quality control. The result is a faster, more efficient, and more sustainable building process.

MCH builds every home with panelized components constructed in a climate-controlled facility. We deliver fully constructed wall panels that are quick to assemble at the building site. Our building process, from design to lock-up – weather tight – is far more efficient and faster than on-site stick-built home building. This process provides longer-term cost savings, enhanced sustainability and a much shorter building time than conventionally built homes.

Less waste more sustainability

Additionally, our prefab building process produces less waste. In conventional construction, there is often significant excess of building materials, which means increased waste. Factory-built homes promote efficiency, where we can more easily reuse and recycle our excess.

A key to MCH’s sustainability over time is an air-tight building envelope. Through innovative building technologies, we ensure the tightest seal possible between the air barrier and the windows and doors. With greater precision in construction, prefab home parts and components have tighter seams. This helps with efficiency in energy consumption – heating and cooling. Panelized prefab home construction is, by its nature, a green way to build. We are recognized for green building with various certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

Prefab is a more environmentally sensitive and sustainable choice than conventional stick-built home building.

Additionally, MCH builds ENERGY STAR certified homes. We’ve done so for two decades. We can also work with innovative, passive solar technology to further amplify your home’s sustainability.

The future is now: the advantages of prefab

When comparing prefab construction to traditional building methods, there’s really no contest. Prefab construction allows for faster building times, reduced waste, and lower labour costs. Studies show that prefab construction can reduce construction time by up to 50%! This results in significant cost savings for homeowners.

Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM)

The Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) system is integral to building effectively sustainable homes. OSM involves pre-building the wall panels and floor and roof components indoors in a climate-controlled factory. After pre-assembly, we ship your home as a Home Package to the building site for construction.

Environmentally, OSM offers better quality control during production. There is a much higher degree of precision in the factory with a reduction in materials and resources, resulting in far less waste. In a factory, building materials are protected from the elements. They remain dry and protected from weather damage, retaining their structural integrity. The result is a higher-quality building. MCH uses the finest quality wood products, sourced mostly from British Columbia forests. We choose all of our materials and products based on strength, durability, energy efficiency, health and non-toxicity, sustainability and, of course, beauty.

Faster and better!

Once the Home Package arrives at the building site, the pre-built panels and components are assembled to lock-up in days compared to the weeks, if not months, necessary in conventional construction. Because of the accelerated on-site construction phase, there is less impact on the surrounding environment.

At MCH, we’re not just building homes – we’re building the future of the housing industry. Our innovative prefab construction techniques allow us to create custom, eco-friendly homes that are as unique as they are sustainable. Why settle for a cookie-cutter home when you can have a custom-built masterpiece? Choose Mandala Custom Homes and experience the Mandala Effect – an environmentally sensitive, holistic, and incomparable living experience.

Questions about the benefits of an MCH custom prefab round home?  Speak with an MCH expert to learn more!