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Here at Man­dala Homes, we enjoy spend­ing time talk­ing with;

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1) peo­ple who are dream­ing about design­ing and build­ing their own unique home.

2) peo­ple who are in the midst of design­ing and build­ing their own unique home.

3) peo­ple who have suc­ceeded in the extra­or­di­nary under­tak­ing of design­ing and build­ing their own unique cus­tom home.


When con­sid­er­ing the moti­va­tion that under­lies the big accom­plish­ment of build­ing a home, a story by poet, Robert Louis Steven­son, comes to mind,

Steven­son describes an annual rit­ual enacted by the young boys of his Scot­tish child­hood. Every Sep­tem­ber, the local boys would buy small tin lanterns called bull’s eyes. They would light the lantern from the fires of their home hearths, tie it to their belt, wrap up in a heavy win­ter coat and ven­ture out into the dark night. Each boy would wan­der alone in the fields that sur­rounded the vil­lage, coat tightly but­toned up, with not a glim­mer of hid­den light shin­ing through. When a youth met another boy in the autumn heath, each would open their coat and reveal to the other the hot smok­ing light of home.

Steven­son felt that this child­hood game sym­bol­ized the con­stant light of our con­nec­tion with the cen­ter of our lives and that the boys are a sym­bol of a human being who is wan­der­ing in the dark night of life; each with our own hid­den home-light burn­ing secretly inside.

He wrote “The essence of this bliss was to walk by your­self in the black night, the slide shut, the top­coat but­toned, not a ray escaping….a mere pil­lar of dark­ness in the dark; and all the while, deep down in the pri­vacy of your fool’s heart, to know you had a bull’s eye at your belt, and to exult and sing over the knowledge.”

Design­ing and build­ing your own unique home is akin to emerg­ing from a pil­lar of dark­ness, to have a steadily burn­ing lantern in your heart. It’s like hav­ing a “bull’s eye at your belt”. It gives you a con­stant reflec­tion of your own cre­ativ­ity, a tremen­dous sense of per­sonal accom­plish­ment and a feel­ing of secu­rity, peace, and possibility.