There are spe­cific aspects of a home that can cre­ate more health for you and your family.

Below, find a list of Ele­ments Of A Healthy Home.
Each ele­ment is fol­lowed by a sug­ges­tion for a sin­gle action that you can take today to increase the health of your surroundings.
It’s ben­e­fi­cial to increase the health of your home because hav­ing a healthy home is fun­da­men­tal to liv­ing a longer, hap­pier and more pro­duc­tive life!

The many aspects of a healthy home

A Healthy Home.…..
  • Is invit­ing and wel­com­ing (What is one object you can place in the entry­way of your home that makes you smile?)
  • Is bright and warm, with as much nat­ural light as pos­si­ble(What is one action you can take today to get more light into your home? Can you open cur­tains that are often closed? Can you trim back an over­grown win­dow plant?)
  • Is inspired by and con­nected to the rhythms of nature (Bring in fresh flow­ers or tree branches to make a bou­quet or try fill­ing a bowl of water and plac­ing it on a table sur­face in your home today.)
  • Is sim­ple, clean and relax­ing (Declut­ter one shelf or drawer today!)
  • Is respect­ful of the earth and uses resources nat­u­rally (Check your recy­cling area. Is it orga­nized and easy to use?)
  • Has lay­ers of nat­ural mate­ri­als, rich tex­tures and inspir­ing colours (Today, remove one item that is made of an arti­fi­cial mate­r­ial and replace it with an item that is made of a nat­ural mate­r­ial like wool, cot­ton, wood, silk.) 

    Nat­ural mate­ri­als have a sooth­ing and healthy effect

  • Is com­fort­able, prac­ti­cal, func­tional, and effi­cient (Iden­tify one item or piece of fur­ni­ture that is uncom­fort­able or doesn’t work prop­erly. Recy­cle it and replace it today with an item that is func­tional and comfortable.)
  • Uti­lizes non­toxic, high-quality mate­ri­als and objects (Look in your clean­ing cup­board, dis­card any prod­ucts that aren’t nat­ural. Replace with nat­ural dish­soap, essen­tial oils and bak­ing soda.)
  • Is unique; the style and objects have mean­ing for those who live there(Check your art objects, are there any that you are keep­ing for any rea­son other than absolutely lov­ing it? Recy­cle any items and only keep mean­ing­ful objects.)
  • Encour­ages phys­i­cal, men­tal, and spir­i­tual health (Ask your­self these ques­tions; Where do I exer­cise? Where is my quiet place to con­tem­plate? Where do I do my best think­ing in this envi­ron­ment? Iden­tify a spot for each of these activ­i­ties today)