Mandala Homes visits Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona Dec 7-9 ’16

    Lars Chose and Rachel Ross, owners of Mandala Homes, plan to visit Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona December 7, 8 and 9th, 2016.

    If you are located in either one of these areas and have been considering purchasing a Mandala Home, contact our head office to arrange to meet and consult with Lars and Rachel. This is your opportunity to discuss your dream Mandala Home with these specialists. There is even the possibility of a site visit, depending on their schedule and your location.

    Book your time slot soon, as available appointments are quickly filling up!

    What kinds of questions would you benefit by asking during this consultation?

    • What do I need to do to prepare to purchase a Mandala Home package?
    • Will my dream design work for my site?
    • What are some simple design features that will contribute to my home being as healthy as possible?
    • What is the ball park price for my dream home?
    • Is a Mandala Home a good choice for the Arizona climate?
    • Does Mandala Homes build to code for this area?
    • How soon till I can move into my new Mandala Home?
    • Or, how soon can I open up my new Mandala Homes Yoga Studio or Retreat Center?

    A consultation meeting with Lars and Rachel is a good fit for you at this time if you:

    • Own a piece of property (oftentimes view property) that you are ready to build on
    • Or, are close to closing on a piece of property
    • Are financially able to build a custom home/yoga studio/retreat centre/etc
    • Have been dreaming of a round Mandala Home for a long time
    • Or, have just discovered round Mandala Homes and feel that our product is a good fit for you
    • Are interested in Green Home Building
    • Are interested in Prefab Home Building
    • Are interested in energy efficiency and would like to learn more

    Contact our office today to book a valuable consultation!