green building Round Mandala Home Open House in Nelson BC

You are personally invited to visit a Mandala Custom Homes Open House at:

3234 Heddle Road, near Nelson BC CANADA, on Sunday, September 25, from 10am to 4pm! Please drive 30k (or under) along this road-which is a friendly and safe residential neighborhood.

Stop by for an informal tour of B.C.’s first ENERGY STAR HOME

Learn how this custom, round, Mandala Home with timber frame details achieved an EnerGuide rating of 84 and experience for yourself the beauty of circular design. This is the Magnolia 2300 design.

While you are here, you can also tour a round ecologically designed Mandala Homes 300 sq.ft the Aspen 300 studio, a round 700 sq.ft. garage , a Mandala greenhouse and an Argenta Greenhouse

We’re excited to welcome you to this Open House!

This Open House event is a good fit for you if you are interested in:

  • Circular Dwellings- how is a round home a GREENER home?
  • Super Energy Efficient Home Design- what are the important principles and materials?
  • Passive Solar Homes- how does it work?
  • Climate Change Ready Home Design-how can we build for future extreme conditions?
  • Prefab Construction- what are the advantages in building this way?
  • Healthy Homes- what are the important elements of a healthy and meaningful home?
  • The experience of a Mandala Home- see for yourself what so many people are raving about!
  • Touring an ENERGY STAR qualified home-what is the definition of an ESQ home?
  • The Magnolia Series -the home is 2300 sq. ft. in total. , 1500 top floor
  • The Aspen Series – the cottage is a 320 sq.ft. tiny home
  • A Mandala garage-what does a round garage look like?
  • The greenhouses and gardens- check out the mandala patterns all over the property!
  • and more…..



Here’s what other people who’ve toured this home have said


“The homes are beautiful, and we resonated highly with the philosophy that Lars and Rachel described about the company and way of living. The details such as home/sun orientation and the length of roof overhangs were examples where we saw the company truly cares about all the different elements.” Hans and Sarah T. Seattle area