Mandala Homes designs and prefabricates round performance homes and commercial buildings primarily for the North American market.  In 2016 we have plans to begin shipping homes to our Scandinavian distributor in Norway .

One of the benefits of designing and building homes for other parts of the world is that we are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions.

Our exposure to these climatic regions has honed our ability to design and engineer our homes for the climate change events that are so evident in the world today.

We all have a need to feel safe.  We especially need to feel safe is in our home.

Mandala Homes -both by their nature and by design- mediate the effects of extreme weather and increases safety and comfort in doing so.

We’ll discuss extreme temperatures, high winds, heavy rains, severe snow conditions, seismic activity and wild fires and the various ways that we have designed and created the built environment to make a home that is not only safe but sustainable, beautiful and comfortable.

Temperature extremes: We built our first Energy Star home in Minnesota in 2003.  This evolved into our Eco Premium design which has an airtight envelope that wraps the home in a blanket of insulation, creating a very comfortable energy efficient home.  This building system prevents hot and cold entering through the framing and limits air exchanges to as low as .52 air exchanges per hour.  We create a passive solar design that allows the sun to warm the home in the colder months and shade the sun from entering through the windows in the summer.

Heavy rain: Mandala has three levels of moisture protections:

  1. Our standard 30” roof overhang limits rain from reaching the windows, siding or the foundation.
  2. To prevent penetration from heavy windblown rain we have incorporated a built in rain screen that vents moisture off the exterior insulation and keeps both sides of the siding dry.
  3. For extra safety, we include a continuous moisture plane that ensures that the home is always dry.

High winds:  A round homes is one of the safest structures in extreme winds because of the way wind wraps around the home. The conical roof system prevents the wind from creating negative pressure which lifts off a gabled roof flattening the building.  With our air tight building envelope there are no drafts and associated heat losses. Another advantage is the quietness of a round home as the wind doesn’t push up against the flat walls-it rolls right on by.

Designing for heavy snow loads focuses the engineering of the roof system.  All of our homes have a lifetime engineer’s warrantee that the structure will hold the snow in the region for which we are building.  Our low pitched roof captures the accumulated snow which becomes part of the homes thermal barrier and our 30” roof overhang prevents snow from coming up against the foundation.   This makes for a dry wall and foundation and increasing the life of the home.

Seismic activity: Due to our experience in building homes on the west coast of North America, from California to Alaska,  the feedback from our engineers is that a round home is inherently more resistant to earthquake activity because of the interconnected components.  The engineers improve on the Mandala Homes natural strength with engineered steel connectors at each of the connector points.

Wildfires: There are no 100% guarantees when it comes to wildfires, however Mandala Homes has learned the best practices for a fire resistant home through designing and building homes in California where they have a strict Wild Fire Code for buildings. Two things we learned there are to make sure the shell has a Class A Fire rating and to put the soffit venting on the roof.  From a Harvard University study we are also designing and integrating roof sprinkler systems that creates a moisture bubble that prevents the fire from even reaching the building.


If you have any questions about designing and building a Climate Change Ready homes, feel free to contact us!