“This , too, shall pass.”

It is a big decision for us to site the house right in the center of a grove of trees. We want the closeness to nature, the privacy and the feeling of sweet “containment” that comes from being in the center of the trees.  Amazingly , the footprint of our Mandala fits beautifully in the middle of the grove without having to cut down any living trees!

It is especially important for us to preserve the hundreds years old , huge, beautiful Ponderosa Pine that is located very close to the house.  We consulted with an arborist friend who said “Yes, the tree is close but it has a long deep tap-root rather than spreading feeder roots. Just be careful to root prune any exposed parts and water it well and everything should be fine.”

There is a lot of disruption at this part of the process. I have to keep the bigger picture in mind  and remember that we’re making choices for minimal disruption and that it’s temporary.