Our first “official” party in the new Mandala!  Our Mandala Staff Christmas party

It was a bit dusty…. with a ”bring your own furniture” theme…Nonetheless, it was a wonderful success with music , good food, great conversation, camaraderie and sense of accomplishment and connection with the project.

A home beginning to emerge

Each person in Mandala has played a part in the creation of this beautiful and amazing space.

It was so satisfying and fun to relax with the families who are connected Mandala. One thing we noticed is; how very many children there are ….and, how musical they are! We also noticed how the circular great room lends itself to holding a large gathering, with ease and flow.

Our wish list for our next party? How about some lights? A couch would be great!  A little less drywall dust would be wonderful.

But I wouldn’t trade the big smiles and warm hearts for anything.

Happy holidays!