“Get the plywood down on the floor, cause then we can sweep it and REALLY play house!”

There are many exciting junctures in the process of building a house.

One of them is when the floor joists are covered with the plywood. Because, once the floor is covered , you can really feel the breadth and height of the main floor of your home space , you can feel what you’ve been imagining …the act of living in this space.

At this point, you can walk through and into the different rooms- bedrooms, bathroom, great room, entryway. You can imagine making tea in the kitchen , looking out the window to the east. You can sweep the floor and dance on it!

Below, find another view from part-way up the Ponderosa Pine…so glad , for many good reasons, that we left that tree!


The date we finish creating this floor is Oct 4, which is six days after pouring the concrete (and letting it dry). Progress is great….. We have the most amazing Mandala team!