“At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lau Tzu

The moment of lifting the central skylight ring of a Mandala is a special and powerful moment in the life of a house of this design.

The skylight is central to this home as an interconnection point for the roof rafters, it is also the “eye” that looks up to the sky and brings in floods of natural, ambient light. It will be a feature element of the look of the beautiful ceiling and the feel of the great room.

 The photos on the left here show the preparation for lifting the skylight ring (with a crane), scaffolding has been built to set up underneath the skylight ring to hold it in place while 1) affixing the roof rafters 2) putting the roof sheathing on 3) installing the engineered steel cables around the perimeter of the roof; after the above steps have been accomplished, we’ll take out the scaffolding and create the open, self-supporting circle space in the centre of the Mandala.


We are  happy about this beautiful October weather….and, because of the prefabrication process- the speed at which we can get this Mandala buttoned up and protected.