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Custom Build Your Dream Home and a New Lifestyle

For those craving a new home, Mandala Custom Homes provides unique dwellings that are meaningful, healthy and energy efficient. Our guarantee that your new home will be more comfortable than a standard home comes from the experience of building British Columbia’s first ENERGY STAR certified home in 2011. Mandala Custom Homes’ full design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise. After creating a fully customized design, your expertly crafted home package is shipped directly to your site where it is assembled and finished to rest in place for many generations to come.

Purchasing a Mandala Custom Home can support your change to a more comfortable and relaxing lifestyle along with low monthly energy costs and architecture that nourishes the soul. Our work is rooted in traditional design principles combined with performance based building technology. We have a clear dedication to listen carefully to you so we can design and build the custom home of your dreams.


  • “Thank you so very much for your continued excellent service! You are quite the example of the best way to do business - each and every one of you with whom we've been in contact.”
    Janis and Michael R. - Oberlin, OH
  • “We wanted a house that was built for us - a house that we could make our own. With Mandala Custom Homes, you can really make it the way you want.”
    Mark and Sharon O. - Hibbing, MN
  • “What a magnificent job building our dream home! I loved the philosophy of this company from the start when I first contacted them. Our contractor has never worked with a more helpful group of people.”
    Mick T. - Lamp Lake, SK
  • "I’ve been living in my Mandala since 2009 and I could never imagine living in a rectangular house again. Living in a round home, I feel incredibly relaxed. The lake is right outside my windows and watching the birds, water and elk through our Mandala view is like looking at a living painting."
    Gary M. - Kimberly, BC
  • "This Mandala Home talks. Waking up under the skylight, being embraced by the circle and dome and watching the mist rise across the landscape is unbelievable.  The whole structure fills me with peace and awe and the joy of being alive.  It encourages me to stay simple and let nature do the talking. Thank you!"
    Sonja Z. - San Juan Is, WA.
  • “Our designer at Mandala was super helpful, with lots of good suggestions and unending patience. I heartily recommend Mandala Custom Homes. Our experience with them is stellar. The kit was as promised, straight forward and with explicit instructions. It went up without a hitch. It is well engineered and beautiful.”
    Jon R. - Missoula, MT

Safer Homes

• Our round homes are naturally safer than a conventional home, plus our engineers fortify for the most extreme hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads or earthquake conditions.

• Wind wraps around a round home making it safer in high winds

• We offer fire-resistant cladding and insulation to ensure a safer home for you, your family and your investment.

Off Site Construction

• Pre-building your home components in our production facility results in less waste, more precision and faster onsite assembly.

• You can enjoy the ease of house building and contributing to a better world while your home is quickly constructed to weather-tight.

Health and Harmony

• The circular nature of a Mandala Custom Home holds a special kind of energy

• Dwelling in a round home, surrounded by the warmth of wood, you are embraced with a sense of wellbeing that contributes to a healthy and harmonious life

Energy Efficiency

• A Mandala Custom Home is designed and built to be ENERGY STAR certified ready to ensure that you live comfortably in all seasons.

• Our homes require smaller heating and cooling systems, which means lower initial costs.

• Your yearly energy cost is less and so is the effect on the environment