Mandala Homes Design Experts

The Mandala Homes team

Lars & Rachel

Lars and Rachel Chose, the owners of Mandala Custom Homes, are dedicated to creating a better world through their work in sustainable building.

With backgrounds in therapy, education, communication and design, Lars and Rachel are the ideal husband and wife team to lead their award winning company by using best practices in customer service, product development and organizational culture. You know that you’ve got the best when you come home to Mandala Custom Homes.

The people on our team are:


about making the world a better place. One beautifully designed and expertly crafted building at a time.


to our company mission statement “Make Life More Wonderful.” Every day. In every way.


to our triple bottom line. The health of the Planet, the People and Sustainability. In every decision we make, we consider each aspect to be of equal value.

Real People

who work hard on your behalf. Real people who answer the phone when you call. Real people who arrive prepared and passionate to your design meeting. From our sales staff, office team, design studio, production crew to our building scientists – you will be surprised and delighted by the friendly support and care that you receive from every single person at Mandala Custom Homes.


about the art and science of building round. About cutting-edge energy efficiency. And most importantly, about how to make your dreams of home come true.

Living the Lifestyle

that we endorse. We proudly live in a stunning part of the world that is rich in the best resources for creating one-of-a-kind buildings. We not only deliver a top quality service and product, but a little pristine BC air and the fragrance of the north woods waft from the special home package that we ship to you.