Round House Floor Plans & Designs

A circle symbolizes the interconnection of all living things. Mandala Custom Homes circular house floor plans incorporates this holistic philosophy.

Our ancestors understood the inherent benefits of round house building: comfort, energy efficiency, superior structural integrity and natural disaster resistance, with fewer resources required to build.

Circular living provides a balance of looking inward and outward, integrating more fully into the natural surroundings. The 21st century round home incorporates modern materials to provide an updated, practical, safe, and efficient iteration of what our ancestors pioneered.

Comfortable, energy efficient, sustainable, durable, and uniquely beautiful round homes are easily the home of the future as well as the past.

Interconnectedness. Wholeness.

Enjoy browsing this selection of example round home floor plans. You can choose one, modify it, or start from scratch with our in-house designer.

There are many ways to design a circle and the Aspen Series embraces them all. Big circles or small, stacked in stories, connected together, or planned for a future addition. It’s all possible with an Aspen.

View Aspen Floor Plans

The elegant Magnolia Series is the perfect haven of quiet, private areas and open gathering spaces with the stunning combination of the classic Mandala circle surrounded by radiating wings.

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When the site or human vision craves a hybrid of circular and rectangular shapes, the Elmwood Series is the perfect choice. Impeccable blend of practical and beautiful, this series has it all.

View Elmwood Floor Plans

The Juniper Series features connected circles. Both handy and creative, this space is the ultimate in balance.

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The Trillium Series is a set of three magnificent circles configured to make the most of view properties. Let your imagination flourish in the flexibility of this space.

View Trillium Floor Plans

Four Mandala circles can be designed in a pattern that most perfectly suits the new home owner. Featuring multiple cathedral ceilings, spacious flow, generous private space and social areas, this series is popular for multi-generational, co-housing and prosperous living.

View Tamarack Floor Plans

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