Steps to Purchase

The purchase of a Mandala Home involves 3 simple steps.

1. Design your Mandala Home.

2. Reserve your production date.

3. Sign your production contract.


Design Your Mandala Home

Mandala Homes is known for its caring and curious designers.  Their careful attention to your wants and wishes during the design process results in a home you will appreciate every day.  Your home will flow with your lifestyle, be comfortable and nourishing to live in, be in relationship to the land and last for generations.

We offer a number of existing floor plans as a starting point for designing your new home. By choosing one of these plans and customizing it to your needs and wishes, your design process can move quickly to create a design that reflects your values and lifestyle.

Design cost is $2.50/ sq. ft. as a retainer. If your design process moves quickly, remaining funds roll into production costs.

Whether you start with an existing floor plan and adapt it to suit your needs or work with your designer to create a fully custom home, the design process unfolds in the following phases:

Concept Design

Your in-house designer will work with you to establish the basic requirements and qualities of your home.  We will use this information to generate a presentation drawing containing a floor plan, building section and 3D images. This presentation package will be used to provide the information for the next phase of the design process. At this stage we will provide you with an initial budget estimate and concept approval form.

Design Development & Permit Drawings

Once the basic concept for your home is established, we will work with you to add detail to the design. Our designers use sophisticated computer drawing software that captures the needed information. These drawings and images (as well as the use of online meetings) keeps you involved and informed while you develop your house design, no matter where you are located in the world.

Once you are satisfied with the design, your designer will produce the permit drawings to be engineered before submission to your local building authority. This engineering is required to ensure that your home is designed safely and built specifically for its location (ie: snow/wind loading and seismic activity).

Permit process

A building permit is required to ensure that your home meets all applicable codes, by-laws and regulations in your city, municipality, or county. The intent is to make sure that the building meets health, fire, structural and general safety requirements.

Assuming all relevant information has been submitted, the building permit review process can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the scope of the project and the workload of the building department.


Production Reservation

10% of the estimated cost of your Mandala Home package and will form part of your Production Deposit. This reservation ensures you receive your home components at a time that fits with your building schedule. (Note: your Production Reservation comes with a progressive payback schedule that insures you against unforeseen changes.)


Production Deposits

A fixed quote in the form of a “Production Contract” is created to ensure that all the final details are defined and agreed upon.  Any changes or additions can be added later using a Change Work Order.

Three to six weeks prior to your selected production start date, or upon delivery of the Production Contract (whichever comes first) a 50% deposit less your shop reservation is made to Mandala Homes.  This allows us adequate time to order the necessary components for construction.

The final remaining 50% is placed in Escrow with a lawyer who will release the funds to Mandala Homes on your signature when the house is completed and ready for delivery.

We will then put your home into production for delivery when required. Short term storage is available at our facility for a fee.

Prior to delivery the escrow funds will be released to Mandala Homes.


On the day of delivery Mandala Homes will load the home on the truck or in the container ready for shipping. Transporting your home package from the Mandala Production facility to your building site, unloading and storage at the building site are your responsibility. Mandala will assist you in finding a carrier; however, payment for transportation, insurance of the package while in transit, unloading and storage is your responsibility.

Shipping estimates can be obtained by contacting a logistics or trucking firm. Mandala Homes will assist in using qualified shippers, provide you with quotes and help arrange shipping dates.


The assembly of the Mandala Homes components of your home at your building site is the responsibility of you or your contractor. We suggest that you engage the services of a General Contractor (GC) who will be responsible for preparing your site, coordinating your Mandala Home set-up, hiring sub-contractors and finishing the interior of your home. Owner/builders may act as their own GC’s in most jurisdictions. To insure a smooth and efficient setup, Mandala Homes can refer a Set-Up Coordinator to work in collaboration with you or your GC.  In some situations, Mandala Homes can provide a Set-up Coordinator and crew for your convenience. We have a list of Preferred Contractors; ask us if there is one in your area.

Included with your Mandala home is a detailed “Set-up Manual”, detailing the best method for assembling your Mandala home. Your Mandala Home designer/project manager will be available by phone and email to assist with any questions that arise during the construction of your home.