Custom round prefab home Elmwood 1200

A popular choice in MCH prefab custom homes, the Elmwood Series is a versatile hybrid – merging the best of round and rectangular.

The circle – symbolizing the interconnection of all living things – is a foundational element in all Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) prefab custom homes. But, we understand that the addition of rectangular sections are necessary and desired by many homeowners.

That’s why we designed the versatile, beautiful, and holistic hybrid Elmwood Series. This series is unique in the Mandala Homes lineup in that it combines the faceted round with a rectangular design.  Some clients describe it as a hybrid but many call it “the best of both worlds”.  This design is at home both as a countryside oasis or in an urban setting.  When either your vision or the building site (or both!) require a blended approach of circular and rectangular shapes, the Elmwood Series is the ideal choice.

Not just a home… an experience

No matter which design you choose, all MCH prefab custom homes prioritize exceptional quality and energy efficiency. In every build, we create a dwelling that provides our homeowners with cost savings long-term as well as beautiful, nurturing holistic comfort, year-round, no matter where you live.

Ranging in size from 1200 square feet to almost 4000, the Elmwood Series fuses the circular and the rectangular, customized to meet the specific needs of your family, lifestyle, and surroundings.

Partnered with Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification, we proudly share in their holistic approach and engage advanced building technologies to foster responsible sustainability practices. With each individual home, we look at each project as a sum of its parts– site orientation, building materials, HVAC equipment, windows, water and electrical needs, to builder practices – striving to innovate sustainable construction.

Each home in the Elmwood Series embodies the MCH model where we employ the best and latest building technologies to create an experience in your home that offers not only less environmental impact, but a healthier home that provides increased cost savings with every passing year.

eco-home buildingAs with all MCH home designs, the Elmwood Series is constructed using innovative and environmentally sensitive Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) round custom prefab home construction.

As part of our sustainable approach, MCH relies on programs such as ENERGY STAR saving our homeowners thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity along with deep reductions in harmful emissions.

Designed for efficient, spacious, and comfortable daily living, the Elmwood provides ample space, while still being cozy along with a bright openness, distinct to all of our custom homes.

MCH prefab custom homes maximize space and light

Spacious and infinitely comfortable, each of our Elmwood homes is thoughtfully and exquisitely designed to create nature-inspired spaces planned specifically to promote a very unique sense of light and harmony.

In the words of MCH founder, Lars Close, “We want to feel safe and nurtured by a healthy home — a protected environment.”

MCH fully integrates square corners with broad expanses of curved lines to offer the most intuitive and restful spaces possible. Your home is where you rejuvenate and fill your cup, where you connect with family and friends. Our Elmwood custom prefab homes use space and light to the utmost to ensure that your home supports revitalization, wellness, and renewal – a nurturing retreat from the world!

The versatility of the Elmwood Series cannot be overstated. One of the advantages of this design is the integration of a garage into the package. And, while we can custom design a garage for all of the MCH series, this model stands out because the garage is designed into the package.

MCH brings over 70 years of home building expertise to our design and planning services. When you purchase an MCH home, you can anticipate a more comfortable and relaxing living along with energy savings and sustainability in a house that is thoughtfully designed and built to nourish the soul.

No matter the MCH home design you choose, you can rest in the peace of mind, knowing that it will be constructed with the combined principles of traditional design and performance-based building technologies. We are committed to working with you – listening to you! – to ensure that we design and build the custom luxury home of your dreams.

Are you interested in a high performance, sustainable home? Is a Mandala Custom Homes round home right for you? Speak with an MCH expert to learn more!