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OPEN HOUSE Nelson, B.C. Sept. 25th

    You are personally invited to visit a Mandala Custom Homes Open House at: 3234 Heddle Road, near Nelson BC CANADA, on Sunday, September 25, from 10am to 4pm! Please drive 30k (or under) along this road-which is a friendly and safe..

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    Snug Mandala Home

      “Efficient house design is based on the natural energies coming into the system (sun, wind,rain) on surrounding vegetation, and on commonsense building practices.” Bill Mollison   South Elevation The use of intelligent design to reduce the amount of energy required..

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      Nelson ENERGY STAR Mandala featured by Yellow Blue Designs

        The province of British Colum­bia can now boast that it has its first ENERGY STAR Qual­i­fied home, located in Nel­son, BC. Mag­no­lia 2300 (as it has been named) is the home of the own­ers of Man­dala Cus­tom Homes, Lars Chose and Rachel Ross. There are many inter­est­ing (and..

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        This House In a Nutshell

          Welcome to our home! It’s the first ENERGY STAR Qualified home in B.C., which means that it uses 30% less energy to function as the incredibly comfortable living space that it is. This represents a savings of approximately 3 months..

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          Nelson Star Feature Article

            Nelson’s Man­dala hits Energy Star mark Rachel Ross (left) and Lars Chose (right) at their Six Mile home which they designed, built, has achieved a high Energy Star rat­ing. Sam Van Schie photo By Sam Van Schie — Nel­son Star Pub­lished: June..

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