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Climate Change Ready- By Design

    Mandala Homes designs and prefabricates round performance homes and commercial buildings primarily for the North American market.  In 2016 we have plans to begin shipping homes to our Scandinavian distributor in Norway . One of the benefits of designing and..

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    The Ancient Wisdom of Building Round

      The old­est forms of indige­nous shel­ter were often round in shape. (Think the South­west USA Hogan, Mon­go­lian Yurt, North Amer­i­can Teepee and the Greek Ten­emos, among oth­ers.) Why did our ances­tors choose to build round? Because the ovid shape — eggs, earth,..

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      Prefab Homes Popular

        “These homes are bril­liant!” (Con­fer­ence attendee) Man­dala Homes had the honor of being present at the Global Buy­ers Mis­sion in Whistler, B.C. Sept 8–10, 2011. The room buzzed with hun­dreds of peo­ple from all parts of the world; China, Japan Korea,..

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        Working Together to Make Dream Homes Come True

          A DREAM COME TRUE All is well on Namaste Farm, the sun is com­ing up and the air is lilac fresh and quiet. Morn­ing birds stir the day with song.  The Gulf Island Peirce res­i­dence, a stun­ning round Man­dala Home, sits proudly at..

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