Prefab Building – Enhanced Safety and Sustainability

Explore the future of prefab building—where safety meets sustainability in stylish, energy-efficient designs.

In the world of modern construction, sustainability and safety are paramount. Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) works hard to epitomize these values through our unique design and innovative building technologies. Our prefabricated, round homes are not only uniquely beautiful but are built with an unwavering commitment to both environmental responsibility and the safety of the homeowner.

Here’s how MCH is turning modern home construction on its head:

Unmatched Safety Features

Safety is a critical concern in any home construction. An MCH prefab round home is inherently safer than traditional square or rectangular homes. Why? Our distinctive faceted round structure. The circular design offers distinct advantages, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Resilience to Extreme Weather

The faceted round shape of our homes allows wind to wrap around the structure rather than hitting it directly, which significantly reduces pressure on the building. This design is crucial in areas prone to high winds, including hurricane and tornado zones. Moreover, our engineers fortify these homes to withstand not just extreme winds but also heavy snow loads and earthquake conditions, ensuring your safety across various climatic adversities.

Fire-Resistant Materials

We understand that the safety of your family and investment is paramount. MCH offers fire-resistant cladding and insulation. This not only helps minimize the risk of fire but also aids in slowing the spread should one occur, providing occupants with more time to evacuate safely.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

We believe that building your dream home shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. We design every MCH home with sustainability at its core, integrating several features that reduce environmental impact while enhancing comfort and peace of mind, all while reducing operating costs.

Innovative Prefab Building Technology

We construct every MCH prefab round home using innovative prefab building technologies that set us apart in the industry. This is a unique building process, incorporating an engineered floor, wall, and roof system along with pre-cut, panelized components. The method not only enhances the structural integrity of our homes but also optimizes the construction process for efficiency and precision.

The cornerstone of our construction process is our state-of-the-art panelized building system. Utilizing advanced technology and quality materials within a controlled environment, we construct the wall panels and other components. This system allows us to build homes that are cost-effective, durable, and energy-efficient, all while reducing the construction timeline. This innovative approach ensures that each MCH round home is built to the highest standards of sustainability, reducing both environmental impact and energy costs for homeowners.

Our homes preserve the best aspects of traditional “stick” frame construction—a time-tested method known for its reliability and strength. We enhance these traditional techniques with modern technologies to deliver homes that are not only beautiful and customizable but also align with our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Air Secure Technology™ (AST)

Our AST is a cutting-edge innovation developed in collaboration with leading engineers. This technology ensures that your home’s building envelope is meticulously sealed against water and air infiltration. A well-sealed home is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality and thermal comfort. This translates to lower energy consumption and increased longevity of the building materials.

ENERGY STAR Certification Ready

Each of our homes is ENERGY STAR certified ready. This means that the home meets or exceeds the stringent energy efficiency codes set by the ENERGY STAR program. Living in an ENERGY STAR certified home means lower utility bills, better indoor air quality, and comfort in all seasons, regardless of external weather conditions.

Optimized Heating and Cooling Systems

Due to their efficient design, including superior insulation and air sealing, MCH homes require smaller heating and cooling systems compared to standard homes. This not only reduces the initial installation cost but also decreases the ongoing energy consumption. Smaller systems mean less energy use and reduced carbon footprint, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Reduced Yearly Energy Costs

The combination of AST, energy-efficient design, and smaller HVAC systems significantly lowers the energy requirements of MCH homes. This reduction in energy consumption is beneficial not only for your wallet, with reduced yearly energy costs, but also for the planet, as it decreases the overall environmental impact of your home.

Choosing an MCH custom prefab round home means opting for a living space that prioritizes your safety and contributes positively to environmental conservation. Our homes offer a harmonious and holistic blend of safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency, making them ideal for conscientious homeowners in today’s world.

Embrace the future of housing with MCH, where your dream of a safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient home becomes a reality. CONTACT US today to learn more about how you can start your journey towards building a safer, greener home.