green building Round Mandala Home Open House in Nelson BC

Creating dwellings that support optimum health and wellness is our number one commitment. It’s also a foundational principle in our green building philosophy.

Throughout two decades of green home building, Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) has worked tirelessly to study, explore, experiment, and innovate to build the most sustainable and environmentally sensitive homes possible. The desired end result is to always create beautiful and sublimely comfortable homes for every MCH customer.

Green building is more than just energy-efficient windows and more, or higher rated insulation. While essentials factors in sustainable home building, there’s much more to it.

The primary component in the MCH green building process is to create a building envelope, to establish an indoor living environment that is moderated for optimal comfort and experience. Achieving this led MCH to build British Columbia’s first ENERGY STAR certified home to help achieve deep emissions reductions and save our clients thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity.

When systems such as EnerGuide, measuring and rating the energy efficiency of buildings and consumer products, rates a home for energy performance, the higher the rating the more efficient the home. To score a high rating, a home should incorporate only energy sources that are renewable – micro-hydro, solar power, and innovative building methods to ensure that the home takes up a minimal carbon footprint.

And Mandala Custom Homes most certainly does!

Green building promotes health and harmony

For the environment and ourselves.

Mandala Custom Homes is partnered with Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification. With a shared vision and approach that involves advanced holistic building technologies, we promote responsible and sustainable home building practices. Both MCH and Built Green consider a building project simply the sum of its parts. These include innovative building materials, site orientation, windows and doors, HVAC equipment, electrical and water use, as well as builder practices.

We rely on the very best and latest building technologies to create the most durable and most environmentally conscious, as well as the healthiest homes possible. Not to mention the enviable cost savings that these technologies provide.

A fundamental part of the MCH green building picture is our Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) round home construction. Innovative, fast, and super-efficient, the prefabrication of every MCH home, presents a beautifully designed and inspired home with minimal environmental impact.

We create refuges from the world! A protective, nurturing, peaceful retreat each and every day. As MCH founder, Lars Close states, “We want to feel safe and nurtured by a healthy home — a protected environment.” Every Mandala Custom Home is created to provide the homeowner and their family and friends a sense of enhanced consciousness, wellness, harmony, and light.

Creating sacred round spaces for healthy, sustainable living

MCH and each unique and exquisite round home integrate the sacred into day-to-day living. Inspired by nature and the harmony found there, our cutting edge, thoughtfully designed, energy-efficient construction incorporates faceted round building to provide an abundance of light as well as a distinctive sense of harmony and well-being known to be beneficial throughout centuries of human existence. We bring the outdoors in to provide all the benefits of nature, from the comfort of your living room!

Along with the superior acoustics and panoramic views of a round home, there is security knowing the design and construction of the home stands up to all manner of extreme weather events and conditions, from heavy snowfall to hurricanes.

Sustainability, durability, and quality go hand-in-hand with every MCH round home. As such, our homes are highly desirable and maintain their value.

Things are ever-changing. Keeping current is integral to making sure we offer the very best in green building and sustainability. We’re proud that we stay ahead of the trends! We want to help you make the most informed choice possible when you choose to build a custom home. You can trust that MCH is passionate about new, green building technologies and helping homeowners create the most conscious, healthy, and sustainable dwellings we can. Our pursuit of knowledge and information is vital to building beautiful, durable, and wonderfully comfortable homes to last for generations.

Are you interested in a high performance, sustainable home? Would you like to know if a Mandala Custom Homes round home is right for you? Speak with an MCH expert!