Custom Prefab Homes – Quality, Efficiency, and High Performance Built to Last

High-performance, custom, prefab homes promote efficiency, quality, comfort, and affordability for years, if not generations, to come.

Homeowners typically don’t think about their homes in terms of performance. When it comes to our homes, most consider the design, flow, and functionality to meet specific individual and family needs. Certainly, we’re all concerned about how much our energy bills cost us each month. But, our energy usage and spending tends to be considered simply a function of homeownership and in most cases, beyond the typical homeowner’s control.

Those of us in the business of custom prefab homes, however, consider performance above all else. And that homeowners can, in fact, have authority over how much they spend to power and heat their homes.

In the case of a Mandala Custom Homes dwelling, we aim to put the power in the hands of the homeowner – to more efficiently and sustainably manage their energy footprint. And a high-performance home does just that.

What is a high-performance home?

In short, high-performance homes promote health and comfort while using far less energy to do so.

You will see a variety of performance terminology out there – ENERGY STAR, LEED, passive house, and others.

You’ll find that a high-performance home will include better and higher rated insulation (for example, Mandala Custom Homes uses R66 ceil­ing insu­la­tion and R34 wall insu­la­tion), a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system to maintain the best in healthy indoor air quality, and enhanced airtightness.

When you choose a high-performance, custom pre-fab home, you enjoy:

  • healthier indoor air quality
  • enhanced comfort
  • lower energy bills
  • increased sustainability – lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • better resale value

Yes, you can expect to pay a little more for a high-performance home. But, the energy consumption and associated costs you save moving forward make it well worth the initial price.

High-performance and prefabrication can go hand-in-hand

Part of the Mandala Custom Homes prefab home picture is the high-performance aspects from our innovative design to the years you get to enjoy once moved in. With expert, experienced, and precision construction, prefab homes are known for their superior energy efficiency with significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

Did you know? A home that is drafty can result in as much as 30% of a home’s heat loss. When you address leaking air, you address the loss of heat and, ultimately, poor energy performance.

Designed and built from the outside-in, it’s all about the energy-efficiency and comfort of the completed building envelope. For instance, we use higher quality window systems, high-performance insulations (yes, it costs more short-term but saves over the longer run), and securely sealing the structure to prevent air leaks (from both the in- and outdoors).

Prefabricated construction took hold around 50 years as both architects and builders began to identify the unique savings to be had. Between build schedule and time as well as labour costs, it was found that building a home in the controlled environment of a factory could have a significant impact on what a home would cost.

Innovation in construction, infrastructure, and sustainability has allowed custom prefab homes innovations to move into higher-end markets, particularly with those who have an enhanced environmental consciousness and value green building.

MCH custom prefab homes make high-performance beautiful

When you choose a Mandala Custom Homes package, the experience begins with the construction of the dwelling’s fundamental structural components in a climate-controlled facility before the package is transported to the building site where construction can be completed.

A custom prefab home, assembled in a factory, results in faster build completion onsite – built to lock-up and weather-tight in only a matter of days! As a result, there is significantly less interference or impact to the surrounding environment. There’s also significantly less building and material waste and easier site cleanup, particularly when compared to a site-built home. And, when you choose an experienced and highly skilled architect and engineer, there are few limits to what can be built with prefab construction – the custom, prefab home of your dreams!

Custom panelized or prefab home construction is simply a high-performance and inherently green way to build. For Mandala Custom Homes, our efforts have been recognized in the various green building certifications we’ve achieved, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

When you work with Mandala Custom Homes, you make the choice to make the most of beauty, comfort, quality, and performance. With each and every project, our expert team brings specialized expertise, skills, and experience to your prefab home design and building experience – that means enhanced consistency and exceptional quality. From our first meeting to the day you move in, enjoy the confidence knowing that the MCH full home design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise.

If you have questions or are interested in working with us to build your high-performance custom prefab home, be sure to download our unique Plan and Design Book. Want to speak with one of our expert team? TALK TO US!