20 Years Building Round Homes. 20 Ways MCH Is an Industry Leader

With 20 years building round homes, we’ve learned a thing or thirty! As we close out our anniversary year, here are 20 ways we’ve grown into industry leaders.

Here we are… the end of one of the longest years EVER!

We’re bringing our 20th anniversary to a close, and it inspires us to take stock of what we’ve learned over the past 20 years and how far we’ve come and evolved. As a business, but also as experts and industry leaders in holistic, energy-efficient homebuilding.

Ironically, our 20th anniversary year was one of the most surreal, stressful, and uncertain in recent memory. It was also one where we all became acutely aware and connected to our homes. These months of pandemic have brought health, wellness, and the comfort and reprieve of home to the forefront of our consciousness.

As a result, people have been drawn to home design concepts that facilitate and nurture a more holistic, healthy and sustainable way of living. Enter Mandala Custom Homes! 

It makes sense that if you’re looking for a home that better fosters health and well-being than a conventional dwelling, Mandala Custom Homes – a leader in the industry – and our unique and beautiful round homes offers among the very best to meet your needs.

MCH round homes – 20 years of expertise and experience

We’ve worked hard, drawing on years of research, trial and error, modern innovations and the incredible talents of our team to offer exceptional design, workmanship, and service with all of our MCH round homes. 

As our last post of 2020 and our final to acknowledge 20 years building exceptional round homes, here are 20 ways in which we’re proud to have become industry leaders:

  1. We are committed to energy-efficiency – we built British Columbia’s, first ENERGY STAR certified house. 
  2. No status-quo. With an eye always on innovation in sustainability and green building, we are always enhancing and improving building and processes.
  3. We actively build our homes beyond code.
  4. We look to innovative techniques to create energy-efficient buildings such as wrapping the building walls with rigid foam – to keep the dew point outside the exterior wall. By shifting the focus to creating an airtight thermal barrier to prevent air and cold/heat penetration to the inside.
  5. No MCH innovation goes untested. For example, to confirm the efficiency of the wrapping technique, MCH conducted a blower door test to determine the air infiltration rate (how many air exchanges per hour) on an MCH built in Alaska, resulting in an impressive .52 rating (.52 exchanges per hour). The average older home can experience up to 5-6 exchanges per hour.
  6. Our prefab building ensures that every MCH building is energy-efficient by ensuring an airtight building envelope. 
  7. Mandala Custom Homes uses software that we created to ensure that we consistently build the most energy-efficient and sustainable building envelope for every climatic zone in North America.
  8. We perform a solar and wind study to inform the design of the house to maximize energy efficiency and client comfort.
  9. Our homes have an engineered lifetime warranty for all structural components designed to withstand site conditions related to seismic activity, wind, and snow loading.
  10. We use only non-toxic materials in our homes and the production process.
  11. All MCH round homes have the option to be energy audited and modelled to ensure the most energy efficiency possible.
  12. Prefabricated building – with each home built in an environmentally controlled environment – and all of the innovative, sustainable, and cost-saving benefits it offers, is the primary MCH building method.
  13. Each of our homes is built with extreme attention to detail. Every home component produced undertakes a rigorous quality control inspection.
  14. All the components are pre-finished with high-quality finishes.
  15. We are constantly involved in rigorous R&D on new materials and processes.
  16. We combine beautiful and innovative design with prefabrication to create durable, healthy, and beautiful round homes.
  17. Biophilia, or the connection to nature outdoors and in, is fundamental to every MCH round home design.
  18. Our prefab homes are handcrafted and we use local materials as much as possible.
  19. Mandala Custom Homes creates holistic designs that mesh with the needs of the client, the site and the budget.
  20. Our customer service and your satisfaction is paramount. Client-centric in all aspects of our customer engagement and service, we go the extra mile to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction, from start to finish. All engagements whether it is with clients, suppliers, building inspectors and building professionals are met with friendliness and kindness.

In closing, we wish all of you all the very best in the New Year — good health, wellness, and prosperity — and the comfort, warmth, and nourishing goodness of home.

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