Round Home Timber Entry

I had a conversation recently with a friend. We were talking about what it’s like to live in a round house. “How is it different”, she asked curiously, “than living in a traditionally shaped home?”

Well, let me count the ways……I feel held by the container of this space, gently. It’s like a womb, like a hug from a home; it’s a safe and inspiring place to be creative in. It feels like there are no corners for “bad energy” to get trapped. I experience a profound sense of peace and harmony in this home.

With the tall south windows, the huge center skylight and connected outdoor rooms, it feels like being one with nature.

The hallways and the stairwell of this house are curved, so the way I move from one area to another feels flowing, not angular at all. A gently rounded motion is evoked simply from the shape of space and I notice that my body feels calm and graceful.

The round Mandala ceiling is a piece of beautiful art, it is constantly available for contemplation. It changes with the light. The large skylight is like a clear window to the stars, the weather, the sky, the wind. It too, shifts repeatedly in colour and texture.

There is an ongoing interplay of natural thermal dynamics in the round space (hot air rises to the R66 ceiling, reaches the cooler skylight, drops to the floor, moves across the floor to the walls and rises again- over and over) To live in the middle of  this natural dance of air and temperature means that it always feels alive, fresh, utterly comfortable and At Home.