We built a small round building on the north meadow that is to be used as a guest space, retreat space, rental, or a separate office. This is an ultimate “flex space”! Here’s a short video of the set-up of the building.

It took us 8 hours to set up the cottage to lock-up. As you can see in the video, it’s early February.

Within a week of set-up, we shingled the roof and installed the fascia and soffets. It’s looking trim, cozy and very attractive. This little prefab structure was created with very little impact on the environment and no set-up construction waste. It was quick to erect and will take little more than a candle to heat. Our plans are to install a composting toilet and solar panels. The cottage is sited for passive solar.

The south face of the cottage lets the sun in in the winter and is shaded by the deep overhang in the summer

East facing front door with plans for a morning coffee and basking deck. There’s a small burbling stream to the right.

The north side has no windows, for energy efficiency.

South Elevation. There’s a road to the west, so we chose -for privacy’s sake- no windows on that side.

This Mandala has 322 of living space and sits on a post and pier foundation. It has 16 wall panels and is 21′ ft. diameter. The skylight is a 3′ ft. skylight. It has double paned, low E, Argon windows and skylight with an insulated french door.The roofing shingles are Lifetime, matching the roofs of the house and the “carzebo” (Mandala shaped carport). We’ll side it-like the main Mandala- with locally sourced, FSC certified cedar siding after wrapping it in a 1 1/2′ layer of Roxul insulation