Man­dala Cus­tom Homes

Round Homes

Man­dala Homes started in 2000 as a com­pany that designs and pre builds faceted round homes and then ships them to the build­ing site where they are assem­bled and fin­ished.  We design and pre-craft our homes in our pro­duc­tion facil­ity in Nel­son, B.C. and ship our homes world­wide.  Man­dala pri­mar­ily builds round homes but, we have been inte­grat­ing tra­di­tional homes, green houses, and win­dow and door pack­ages into our sales offer­ings over the last 3 years.  All our homes are designed in a 3-D com­put­er­ized design pro­gram and then built in an envi­ron­men­tally con­trolled pro­duc­tion facility.

Man­dala Homes got started when the owner Lars Chose, who was design­ing homes in the area, was asked in 1995 by a client to design a faceted home that involved using some pre­fab­ri­cated com­po­nents.  After design­ing and help­ing to build this home he was very intrigued by the idea of build­ing round homes by using pre­fab­ri­ca­tion meth­ods rather than site built struc­tures.  In 2000 Lars started Man­dala Cus­tom Homes with a vision of build­ing green homes using local FSC wood from the Har­rop Proc­tor Com­mu­nity For­est and healthy fin­ishes and insu­la­tion prod­ucts.  These val­ues were impor­tant as the busi­ness was devel­oped on a triple bot­tom line where finances, com­mu­nity and the envi­ron­ment are equally val­ued. Man­dala Homes con­tin­ues to push the edge by build­ing homes for our children’s children.

Man­dala has a staff of 10 to 12. Of those staff 5 work in the office in design, man­age­ment, mar­ket­ing and admin­is­tra­tion and 5 to 7 work in the pro­duc­tion facil­ity craft­ing our beau­ti­ful homes.  We also have a set up crew to assem­ble our homes locally.

The main thing that makes us unique is that we build round houses and com­mer­cial struc­tures.  They range from small cab­ins to large homes, health food stores and retreat cen­ters.   The beauty of our homes and the light cap­tured by the cen­tral sky­light makes our homes a won­der­ful space for the soul to rest. We are also unique in that we offer pre­fab­ri­cated green energy effi­cient homes and ship them world­wide.  All our homes receive an energy audit to deter­mine how it rates in the Ener­guide Rat­ing sys­tem.  The energy audi­tor works with our cus­tomers to pro­vide them with more energy effi­cient mechan­i­cal options as well.

We are cur­rently work­ing on a project to deliver a two story 33’ diam­e­ter Man­dala to the west coast of BCthat will be trucked to Van­cou­ver and barged up the Sun­shine Coast to an inlet where a heli­copter will air­lift the 1500 lb house com­po­nent pack­ages onto the water­front site where it will be assem­bled and fin­ished over the summer.

A health food store we built in Ft. Nel­son BC using FSC wood, spray in soy based foam and triple pane win­dows just won BC Green Busi­ness of the Year Award.

Another home Man­dala is work­ing on is in south­ern Alberta where the winds are strong and there are extreme tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ences between sum­mer and win­ter.  The home will be built with a dou­ble walled 12” (R-40) wall sys­tem and R-60 in the roof with triple pane win­dows, patented energy effi­cient doors sys­tem and a HRV sys­tem with inter­nal heat pump. A very excit­ing project as Man­dala Homes sets its sites on build­ing Pas­sive or Net Zero Homes.

For more infor­ma­tion you can fol­low our vibrant Face­book page that dis­cusses sus­tain­abil­ity, green home­build­ing, pre­fab­ri­ca­tion, mean­ing­ful shel­ter and round homes.