”I awoke/this morning/in the gold light/turning this way/and that/thinking for/a moment/it was one/day/like any other./ But/the veil had gone/from my/darkened heart. ” David Whyte

A dream has come true,  this home is the first ENERGY STAR Qualified home in BC!

We’re very excited because it’s a deep value of ours to show folks how to live with beauty and ease in a more sustainable way, how to build in a way that contributes to the planet and how to create homes that will warm our children’s children.

Thus, receiving this recognition is very meaningful for us. You can read details about the house systems here. There are more images and details about the house systems and services at this link

Magnolia Overview

And, there’s a question ….what does it FEEL like to walk into this Energy Star home?

Let me describe;

Walking into the front entrance of our home, I notice the presence of the absence of “New house smell”, you know , that toxic smell of finishes and mixing chemicals. The smell that makes my joints ache. It doesn’t smell yucky and it DOES smell yummy. It smells like oranges, beeswax and fresh cedar.

Shutting the front door immediately and resoundingly shuts out all outside noises and drafts. The air becomes still , quiet , sanctuary-like.It’s remarkable how quickly the change happens.

It helps that there’s not much clutter lying around (new house/no young kids at the moment). The serene Buddha statues, healthy plants and zen monastery colours undoubtedly contribute to the overall feeling of peacefulness.

The feeling of being enveloped by a well-built house is like stepping into a different zone.

It’s like stepping into a zone where everything seems possible with this place at your core.