MCH sustainable living round prefab homes

There is an art to sustainable living: Explore MCH round homes’ eco-friendly features for a greener, stylish, and eco-conscious lifestyle.

In a world where eco-conscious and sustainable living have become increasingly essential, innovative architectural designs are the driving force as we strive for greener living. Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) round homes are not only beautiful inside and out, but they boast a plethora of eco-friendly features that contribute to sustainable living – in style! Let’s explore the sustainable elements and eco-friendly features incorporated into our MCH round home construction, ranging from energy efficiency and passive heating/cooling systems to the use of sustainable materials and other energy conservation technologies.

Energy Efficiency Through Round Design

MCH round homes are built with energy efficiency at their core. Their circular design minimizes wasted space and maximizes natural light exposure, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. The open floor plan also facilitates natural air circulation, enhancing indoor air quality and reducing the demand for mechanical ventilation.

Sustainable Materials and Building Technologies

Mandala round homes are renowned for their use of sustainable and locally sourced materials.

We build using innovative, sustainable construction methods and materials. Every MCH building envelope is air-tight – by design. No leaks or drafts. Our cutting-edge Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) system builds all of the home’s components – walls, floor, and roof – inside a climate-controlled factory. After pre-assembly, we ship the house package to the building site for construction. Our production process ensures much higher quality control. Thanks to increased precision in the factory, it minimizes waste of materials and resources. Indoor fabrication protects materials from weather damage until they are put together on-site with their integrity intact. With the pre-fabricated materials, there is far less time required to build on the site – days compared to weeks or months with stick-built construction.

Other examples of MCH sustainability:

  • Timber: We use sustainable timber from certified BC forests for framing and other structural components.
  • Recycled and Reclaimed Materials: Wherever possible, we incorporate recycled or reclaimed materials for flooring, countertops, and interior finishes, reducing the demand for new resources.

Energy Conservation Techniques

In addition to their design and materials, Mandala round homes implement energy conservation techniques to further reduce their environmental impact:

  • ENERGY STAR: The ENERGY STAR program helps save our homeowners thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity while they achieve significant emissions reductions. Conforming to the values and mission of MCH, every product that has earned the ENERGY STAR label is sure to deliver reliable quality, performance, and savings.

Mandala round homes offer an exquisite fusion of sustainable living and architectural elegance. With the energy-efficient design and construction technology, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, use of sustainable materials, and dedication to energy conservation techniques, our homes are a testament to eco-conscious living in style.