Custom Prefab Home Building

Why MCH custom prefab home building offers superior beauty and quality, energy efficiency, and savings – both time and money!

We post a lot about the many advantages of custom prefab home building. As custom prefab homebuilders, we just can’t help ourselves! The fact is, the founding principles for Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) are simplicity, ease, and sustainability. Prefab supports that. We can’t tell prospective custom homeowners enough about the advantages of prefab building over the conventional site-built approach.

And, we’re happy to break it down again. Simply put, there are three primary advantages to building prefab. We won’t even go into the distinct advantages of choosing a prefab round home, just the nuts and bolts of custom prefab. Read on to learn how prefab, panelized building can make home construction a much shorter, far more stress-free and exciting experience:

1. Rapid, controlled, production

The average time it takes to build a traditional home is 12 to 16 months. Since the pandemic, and resulting supply chain issues, possibly even longer. When you choose an MCH custom prefab home building package, we deliver it to your building site, ready to assemble. We have a home constructed to lock up in only about 6 weeks from the beginning of production.

A defining feature of prefab building is the speed of production and delivery. We create homes quickly thanks to our unique building processes –  engineered wall, floor, and roof systems and pre-cut, panelized components. MCH’s panelized home building system preserves the best of stick or site-built construction but combines it with modern, state-of-the-art technologies.

In a controlled work environment, rooted in traditional design principles combined with performance-based building technology, we construct the wall, floor, and roof panels. And we do it with far less material waste and in less time.

We build every MCH home in our climate-controlled, indoor facilities – another defining characteristic of any prefab. There are no interruptions (by weather, for example), from the start of production to the end. Additionally, during the home’s construction in the factory, the contractor prepares the site and the foundation.

2. Quality prefab construction

Modular, or prefabricated, home building such as at MCH, uses cutting-edge building technology and sophisticated machinery for precision construction. Unlike site-built construction, Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) construction, or building the structure indoors, protects the building materials from the damaging effects of the weather.

With construction complete, the home package arrives at the building site. We assemble the pre-built panels and other components to lock up – weather-tight – in only a matter of days. With an accelerated construction phase on-site, it’s complete far faster and with less impact on the surrounding environment.

Quality control is prioritized and is fundamental to every step of the MCH construction process. It is overseen by our expert architects and engineers.

3. Enhanced energy efficiency

We partner with Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification. We share their holistic approach to utilizing advanced, performance building technologies adhering to responsible sustainability practices. Through every phase of construction from our OSM construction to site orientation and building materials to the vital systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing to building practices, we strive to keep out in front in sustainable construction.

We employ the latest technologies to ensure we build a healthy, durable dwelling with less impact on the environment. Not to mention, the inevitable cost savings to the homeowner.

MCH custom prefab home building means superior energy performance. Every MCH home meets the strict standards of a high-performance home. And that comes down to a fully sealed shell or building envelope. We create an airtight, well-insulated building envelope to help the home perform well – energy consumption and thermal comfort. Such thoughtful design and care enable homeowners to save as much as 25% on energy costs.

BONUS: MCH round custom prefab home building promotes holistic health and wellness

OK… we couldn’t help but share a little about the positive holistic impacts of custom prefab home building. Every MCH model is inspired by nature, its simplicity, and its positive effects when incorporated into everyday living.

Round home living, in particular, allows for panoramic views of the outdoors and more vital natural light pouring into the home. The design results in a uniquely intimate connection to the natural world outdoors. Every home is designed to help the homeowner live in a safer, more peaceful and rested state. Indoors, the curve of the walls promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and inspiration.