Prefab Building Package from MCH

When you choose a prefab building package, you build faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably than the conventional approach.

A prefabricated or prefab home package is a system of construction based upon a panelized building approach. The manufacturer delivers it to your building site, where your contractor and their team assemble it in pre-built sections.

A Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) round custom prefab home package provides the homeowner with innovative, precision panelized components to help simplify and expedite the building process in a more sustainable and holistic way.

1. A prefab building package includes all of the components

One of the biggest advantages to buying a prefab building package is that it includes all of the components required to take your home to lock up. For example, an MCH home Eco Package includes:

  • Engineered floor, wall, and roof systems
  • Pre-cut and panelized components
  • Air Secure Technology™ (a tightly sealed envelope)
  • Faceted Wall of Windows™
  • Mandala Sky View™ (domed, central 5’ skylight)
  • Triple pane, fixed and tinted skylight
  • 30″ Roof Overhangs
  • Wall venting system (rain screen)
  • Energy efficiency report
  • Sun and wind design analysis
  • Detailed assembly manual, support and guidance

Depending on the level of prefab building package you purchase, it may even include more.

2. Easy on-site assembly by a contractor of your choice

It may surprise you to learn that choosing a prefab building package requires a whopping 60% less time to build than a conventional ‘stick-built’ home.

Today’s panelized prefab home building systems preserve the best of “stick” frame construction and combine it with innovative panelized prefabricated building technologies. This includes the engineered floor, wall, and roof systems as pre-cut, panelized components.

The components of a prefab home package are prepared and shipped with a detailed packing list to the building site. The contractor you hire assembles the home according to the package’s final construction drawings and specifics. In a matter of days, the pre-built panels and components can be built to lock up, minimizing the materials’ exposure to inclement weather as well as impacts on the surrounding landscape.

The MCH state-of-the-art building system makes the most of quality materials, advanced technologies, and a climate-controlled, indoor work environment. As a result, we’re able to deliver the best in beautiful, customizable, energy-efficient, and unique round homes. Cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient dwellings that promote sustainability from start to finish in less time.

3. Sustainability, energy efficiency and comfort

A prefab home package includes a wall system that is air-tight. For instance, our wall panels provide an air-tight building envelope offering greater energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. This secure building envelope includes an efficient wall ventilation system that provides adequate fresh air for the occupants and high-efficiency comfort. We use the warmth of the air on the way out of the building to help heat the fresh air on its way in.

A well-constructed prefab panelized wall and ventilation system ensures that air is unable to penetrate walls, floors, or the roof. As a result, it reduces the opportunities for moisture to collect or migrate into those spaces, where moulds and bacteria can grow. A prefab home package system like that of MCH is designed to minimize heat, air, and moisture transfer, offering a much more comfortable indoor environment for years to come.

4. Cost savings over time

A prefab home package such as those available through MCH not only assures beauty and comfort year-round but can save homeowners thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity while reducing emissions significantly.

The savings begin with the building process. Prefab building is founded on conservative use of resources, ultimately reducing waste throughout the build. Nothing used in the construction facility goes to waste. There is less material waste during construction, minimal environmental interference at the building site, and easier cleanup.

A prefabricated approach results in far fewer stressful cost overruns. A stick-built or site-built home can incur stressful and costly overruns over the course of the build.

Just a side note about round homes: building round requires 15 to 20% less mate­r­ial than a conventionally built rectangular design of similar size. Round building offers a smaller eco-footprint at less cost without compromising living space! And Mandala Custom Homes provides you with a guaranteed price for your home package.