Panelized Home Building - Mandala Homes

A popular type of construction of prefab homes is “panelized” or “open wall” homebuilding – the favoured building technique of Mandala Homes. 

By now you know that a Mandala Home is sustainable, uniquely beautiful and round. 

But, did you know? Each of our home packages is characterized by our distinct building processes which include an engineered floor, wall, and roof system and pre-cut, panelized components.

What is a “Panelized Home”? 

Both builders and homebuyers today are beginning to recognize that building a new “stick-built” home can be very inefficient and costly.  

Increasingly, people are looking to a “panelized building system” – utilizing advanced technologies, quality materials, and a controlled work environment – to build wall panels and other components to construct cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient homes in less time. 

Today’s panelized home building systems, and any of our Mandala Homes packages, preserve the best of “stick” frame construction – time-tested building methods. Combined with modern technologies, we’re able to deliver the best in beautiful, customizable, energy efficient, unique round homes.

There are 3 major components delivered to a Mandala Homes job site: engineered floor system, interior & exterior walls and the roof trusses. If the home has a concrete foundation it is installed prior to the delivery of the Mandala Homes package. 

Building Better: Benefits of a Panelized Home 

Constructed Indoors and Carefully Delivered

A Mandala Homes package begins by constructing the home’s essential structural components in a climate-controlled facility. 

Our skilled craftsmen guide wall sections from the raw material stage to completed panels before carefully loading them onto a truck for delivery to your home site.

Saves Time and Money

There are several ways construction time and costs are reduced in the panelized home construction:

The panels of your new home are designed and fabricated in our manufacturing facility before being shipped to your home site.

Once on site, the shell of a panelized home can be framed and made weather-tight in a matter of days, reducing labour expenses.

Because the bulk of construction takes place in a climate-controlled environment, delays due to weather, materials delivery, and subcontractor schedules – often unavoidable in stick-built construction – are significantly diminished in the construction of a panelized home. 

Customized and Accurate Home Design

With computer-assisted design programs, our expert design team and engineers can integrate your ideas into the custom home design of your dreams.

The plans for your home are sent directly from the designer’s computer to the panelization shop floor, ensuring your home is built accurately and efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly

As a proud partner of Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification, we share in their holistic approach utilizing advanced building technologies to promote responsible sustainability practices.

Additionally, we look to programs such as ENERGY STAR to help save our clients thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity while also achieving deep emissions reductions. Every product that has earned the ENERGY STAR label is independently certified to deliver not only quality, performance, and savings but a level of predictable and reliable efficiency that conforms to the values of Mandala Homes.

Given our commitment to sustainability and energy-efficiency, we know panelized home construction to be an inherently green way to build, recognized in several green building certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. 

Factory assembly means reduced construction material waste, less environmental interference at the job site, and easier cleanup.

The precision construction of panelized homes makes them known for increased energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. 

As most panelized homes are weather-tight in only a matter of days, your new home is kept safer and dryer during the cycle of construction, reducing the probability of warping, mold, mildew, and squeaking that adverse weather may cause in traditionally built homes.

Quality Construction

Each worker in our Mandala Homes panelized facility has specialized expertise in a particular aspect of panelized home construction, resulting in higher quality and more consistency.

To ensure durability and longevity, your home’s plans are designed to meet your local building codes before they leave the facility. An important point particularly if your region requires special features to compensate for high winds, excessive snow loads, and other considerations.

When you purchase a Mandala Home package, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our full design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise. 

After creating a fully customized design, your expertly crafted home package is shipped directly to your site where it is assembled and completed for many generations to come.

Interested in learning how a Mandala Home might be right for you? Talk to us!