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Providing unique dwellings that are meaningful, healthy and energy-efficient, Mandala Custom Homes is proud of 20 years – and counting – of quality, innovative round homebuilding.

We couldn’t be more proud to announce such an exciting milestone in our business – 20 years creating healthy, energy-efficient, and inspiring living and workspaces! Making the world a better place… one beautifully designed and expertly crafted building at a time!

Since 2000, the beginning of the New Millenium, Lars Chose and Rachel Ross have been designing, prefabricating, and shipping round building packages all over the United States and Canada. With passion and years of knowledge and expertise, whether it’s a single-family home or commercial space such as yoga studio, retreat or interpretive centre, a Mandala Custom Homes round building is always of superior quality, unique, and, of course, beautiful.

Committed to creating a better world through sustainable building, we’ve created an award-winning company by using best practices in customer service, product development, and organizational culture. 20 years has allowed the Mandala Custom Homes team to refine our updated interpretation of a centuries-old building technique, making it the perfect 21st-century homebuilding alternative: leveraging the art and science of building round with cutting edge energy efficiency founded upon a focus on physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

We remain true to our triple-bottom-line: the health of the Planet, the People, and Sustainability. All of our decisions take each element into consideration equally.

The first Mandala Custom Homes ENERGY STAR-certified home was constructed in Minnesota in 2003. With an expert team well-versed in energy efficiency and building science, understanding thoroughly climatic zones and how they impact the building envelope, including climate-specific wall and roof assemblies, was integral to helping Mandala Custom Homes establish our leadership in the industry.

As confirmed by Lars, “Because we ship homes all over North America, we really had to understand climatic zones and their effects on building envelopes.” Additionally, collaborating with an engineer involved in developing B.C.’s new energy code, Lars helped create the principles for creating energy-efficient, sustainable building envelopes for multiple climatic zones, which included moving the air and thermal barriers to the outside of the wall – a truly innovative and unique approach in early 2010.

It is important that our values infuse every step of your Mandala Custom Homes experience. The bottom line is, even after two decades, we are still a small company, living the lifestyle we promote through our building philosophy. We are real people who answer the phone when you call. Real people who arrive prepared and passionate about your design meeting. From our sales staff, office team, design studio, production crew to our building scientists – you will be surprised and delighted by the friendly support and care that you receive from every single person at Mandala Custom Homes.

And after 20 years we continue to make our life and work in the spectacularly scenic West Kootenay of British Columbia, rich in superior resources for creating one-of-a-kind buildings. In this idyllic yet simple setting, the Mandala Custom Homes team under the expert leadership of Lars and Rachel, have perfected the Mandala Custom Homes package – customized design, an energy consultation and audit (HERS, EnerGuide, BEES, Net Zero, etc.), permit sets, construction drawings, engineering documents, a climate-specific building envelope, and print as well as digital assembly instructions.

It is this dedication to principles, hard work, and building innovation that has made Mandala Custom Homes what it is today. And we couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishment.

If you’re looking to build a new home, we encourage you to explore the Mandala Custom Homes alternative, to support your change to a more comfortable and relaxing lifestyle along with low monthly energy costs and architecture that nourishes the soul.

For 20 years our work has been rooted in traditional design principles combined with performance-based building technology. And for 20 years, we have based our business on a solid dedication to listen carefully to you, the client, so we can design and build the custom home of your dreams.