Our dream for this property is to reflect the repeating pattern of round

The way you enter the land is a spiral.

The pathways, hallways, stairways curve around..

And, of course, the buildings are round.

Even the carport!


Nestled in the trees









Functions for this space 1) a protected place to park our 2 vehicles 2) an attached room with electricity , door and window provides dry storage for sports gear.3) a lift up hatch door in the floor opens up to a root cellar for cold storage for food. The bottom portion of the walls are encased cement. 4) covered outdoor space for gatherings (remove cars first) 5) a woodshed between the little room and the hawthorne tree

Connections to this space 1) pathway to the main Mandala 2) pathway to pond 3) east facing micro-climate

Morning light coming through the trees





Art of this space 1) the shape  2) timberframe posts 3) metal work matching the house


Name of this space. We felt that the terms “garage” or “carport” just didn’t seem to fully do justice to the uniqueness and beauty of this building. So…I thought I’d ask the creative crowd on our facebook page what they would suggest.  I offered a copy of our Mandala coffee table book as a gift for who ever came up with a prizewinning name.

There were lots of brilliant ideas for names.Ultimately, Lars chose “Carzebo” (like a gazebo for the car) as his favourite and Sherry Robinson won the prize!