Lars and Rachel looking pretty happy about their Mandala project!

 ”Every choice we make can be a  celebration of the world we want.”  Frances MooreLappé and Anna Lappé  

I imagine that many of you, like Lars and I,  have a value to live as consciously and conscientiously on this earth as possible.

We view this Mandala building project as an opportunity to experiment with,develop and try out various methods and products for green building and ecological living.

Lars and I come from different and complementary backgrounds which bring a balanced skill and set of interests to this project. My background in gardening, permaculture and art. Lars’ background in building, healthy home, design, energy efficiency. Both of our passion and commitment to  a quadruple bottom line ( health and thriving for people, planet, finances and spirit)

I’ll go more into detail in future posts about each of these ideas , but for now here’s the list of projects we’re planning and approaches we are using in the design and implementation of the ecological aspects of building this house and stewarding this acre and a half of land.

  • passive solar energy
  • living roofs systems (over the east porch)
  • the use of natural lighting in the home
  • window ‘tuning’
  • creating growing microclimates
  • preserving as many natural trees, bushes, moss growth, herbaceous growth as possible
  • use of non-toxic and natural building products
  • prefabricating many components of the structures to avoid the cost and environmental impact of site building
  • use of energy efficient building products and materials
  • local building materials
  • local resources
  • deck gardens
  • garden zones
  • green houses
  • water catchment harvest and reuse systems (roof, pond, artesian spring)
  • solar hot water
  • solar energy in the studio
  • composting toilet in the studio
  • energy savings
  • outdoor rooms
  • bulk food storage
  • heat recovery systems
  • hot water recovery systems

Stay tuned as I share photos , text and stories about each of these projects as we develop and implement them. Looks like fun to me!

There is a pathway of steps to take to work in harmony with Nature