“It’s unbelievable how fast your house has gone up….”

The project is moving along very smoothly. The benefits of building with prefab components really shine in the areas of time and waste. Because the prefinished/precut pieces arrive at the site ready to be nailed or screwed into place, the tasks can really zip along..

This week has been spent focusing on details like the cedar soffits, the covering for underneath the roof overhang. The pieces come from the Mandala shop in large panels and go up quickly. Visually the addition of the soffits “grounds” the house and ties everything together by defiining the topline.






We laid out the tubing for the infloor heating in the basement in preparation for pouring concrete slab.  The part missing the tubes are for our root cellar that we won’t want heated.

And, we’re creating the ‘storyboard’ for the electrical layout. Tuning into our needs, vision and design for kitchen and household appliances and the flow through the house. We found it really helpful at this juncture, now that we can physically walk through the space, to recheck the plan that we had designed on paper a few months ago.