Man­dala Cus­tom Homes is pleased to announce that all of our homes will be audited by an Ener­Guide Advisor.

An Ener­Guide rat­ing shows a stan­dard mea­sure of your home’s energy per­for­mance. It shows you (and future buy­ers) exactly how energy effi­cient your home is. The rat­ing is cal­cu­lated based on stan­dard oper­a­tion assump­tions so that you can com­pare the energy per­for­mance of one house against another.

The home’s energy effi­ciency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rat­ing of 0 rep­re­sents a home with major air leak­age, no insu­la­tion and extremely high energy con­sump­tion. A rat­ing of 100 rep­re­sents a house that is air­tight, well insu­lated, suf­fi­ciently ven­ti­lated and requires no pur­chased energy on an annual basis.

Typ­i­cal Energy Effi­ciency Ratings
Type of HouseRat­ing
New House build to build­ing code standards65–72
New house with some energy-efficiency improvements73–79
Energy-efficient new house80–90
House requir­ing lit­tle or no pur­chased energy91–100


For a brand new house, a rat­ing of 80 or higher is excellent.

Typ­i­cal energy effi­ciency mea­sures for these new homes include:

  • insu­la­tion upgrades
  • higher-performance win­dows
  • bet­ter draft proofing
  • more effi­cient heat­ing, hot water and air con­di­tion­ing systems
  • ENERGY STAR® qual­i­fied appli­ances (if sup­plied by the builder)


The ben­e­fits to the new home­owner are:

  • lower energy bills
  • improved com­fort
  • lower impact on the environment
  • higher resale value


For more infor­ma­tion visit:

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