The beauty of the round design runs deep. Trust­ing in the wis­dom of the nat­ural world and ancient and abo­rig­i­nal cul­tures, we have cho­sen to build round for its many ben­e­fits includ­ing energy and resource effi­ciency, struc­tural strength and its dis­tinc­tive aes­thetic and acoustic qualities.

The round shape is a nat­u­rally green design. Round homes use less wall, floor and roof mate­ri­als to enclose the same square footage as a rec­tan­gu­lar struc­ture. In fact 15 to 20% less mate­r­ial is used to cre­ate the same square foot build­ing com­pared to a rec­tan­gu­lar design! That means less sur­face area in con­tact with adverse weather con­di­tions such as high heat, extreme cold, wind and dri­ving rains improv­ing the over­all dura­bil­ity and energy effi­ciency of the home. Com­par­ing the energy effi­ciency of a rec­tan­gu­lar build­ing to a round build­ing of the same size is also reveal­ing. Heat cir­cu­lates bet­ter in a round space and there is less exte­rior sur­face area for heat to escape from. To max­i­mize energy effi­ciency, we always encour­age the use of high R-value insu­la­tion.

Another ben­e­fit of the round design is its supe­rior struc­tural strength. A tes­ta­ment to round build­ings around the globe, they are extremely good at with­stand­ing severe weather includ­ing earth quakes, extreme winds and heavy snow­fall. All our homes are engi­neered spe­cially to with­stand the seis­mic, wind and snow loads of your area.

The acoustics in a Man­dala are excep­tional. The round shape soft­ens the sounds inside the build­ing mak­ing it the per­fect place for rest and reflec­tion or for social­iz­ing and lis­ten­ing to and play­ing music. The shape also pre­vents noise from pen­e­trat­ing in from the out­side. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, shield­ing you from out­side noise.


If the round design doesn’t meet your needs Man­dala Homes has a new line of Tra­di­tional pre­fab homes. Our new Pre­fab Coach and Laneway Homes are designed for urban laneways using the Van­cou­ver Eco Den­sity guide­lines. The Cop­per Moun­tain Homes are designed and built to suit the needs of peo­ple in urban or rural prop­er­ties who appre­ci­ate the archi­tec­tural details of a crafts­man or moun­tain style home. OuriNDwell Homes are our pre­fab­ri­cated mod­ern houses for those who appre­ci­ate the sim­plic­ity of the mod­ern design. Con­tact us ( or 866–352-5503) for more infor­ma­tion.